Page 281 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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now have to vie with the major trade publishing houses for books
of Jewish interest. Never before has there been such a quantity or
quality of books for Jewish youth.
Certainly a number of the problems evident forty years ago
have not gone away. But how markedly different is the situation
since 1942. The gemini of calamity, the Jeremiahs and Cassan-
dras, have been proved wrong. The American Jewish community
is capable of sustaining an active and growing Jewish culture, one
which retains its ties with its past but which renews them in
creative and innovative ways never before dreamt of. I f indeed we
are at the dawn of a Jewish renaissance in America
(ken yehi
then the Jewish Book Annual will most definitely con­
tinue to stand as the single most important barometer of Ameri­
can Jewish literary talent and creativity as reflected in our special
world of books.