Page 291 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Contributors and Editors
Z a c h a r y
B a k e r ,
librarian, Yiddish department, Jewish Public Library,
D r . L e w i s
B a r t h ,
professor of Midrash and related literature, Hebrew
Union College —Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles.
H y m a n B . B a s s ,
executive director, Congress for Jewish Culture; author
O if di vegn fu n der Yiddisher Literatur
; editor of the three-volume
Derziungs Encyclopedic.
D r . D a v i d B i a l e
teaches in the Judaic Studies program at the State
University at Binghamton.
D r . F a i n a B u r k o , a u t h o r o f
The Soviet Yiddish theater, 1 9 14 -1949 ; an
abortive history.
D r . M e r v i n B u t o v s k y ,
professor of English literature, Concordia Univer­
sity, Montreal.
D r . S h a y e
C o h e n ,
associate professor of Jewish history, Jewish
Theological Seminary.
D r . E l i z a b e t h E . E p p le r ,
assistant director, Institute of Jewish Affairs,
London, England.
D r . S a l a m o n F a b e r ,
rabbi emeritus, Kew Gardens Anshe Sholom Jewish
Center, Kew Gardens, N.Y.
R u t h S . F r a n k ,
director of the JWB Jewish Book Council.
R o c h e l l e F u r s t e n b e r g ,
who lives in Jerusalem, has written extensively
about the Israeli literary scene.
D r . L e o n a r d G o l d ,
chief, Jewish Division, New York Public Library.
D r . M i l l y H e y d ,
lecturer in the department of the History of Art, Hebrew
University of Jerusalem.
D r . S t e f a n i H o f f m a n ,
translator and editor of
Next year in Jerusalem,
Avital Scharansky.
D r . J a c o b K a b a k o f f ,
professor of Hebrew, Lehman College of the City
University of NewYork; author of
Shoharim ve-Ne’manim,
essays and
studies on American Hebrew literature and culture.
D r . N a t h a n
K a g a n o f f ,
librarian, American Jewish Historical Society.
G . K r e s s e l ,
author of
Cyclopedia o f modem Hebrew literature
and of numer­
ous works on Zionism, Israel, Hebrew literature and bibliography.
D r . G e o r g e M a n d e l ,
fellow of the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate He­
brew Studies, Oxford, England.
P h i l i p
M i l l e r ,
librarian, Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of
Religion, New York.
M i c h a e l P o l l a k ,
publisher ofWayside Press, Dallas,
exas, and author of
Mandarins, Jews and missionaries.
D r . M a r c i a P o s n e r ,
reviewer and consultant for the small Jewish library.