Page 295 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Bickel, Shlomo: a memorial tribute.
(Y), by Moshe Starkman. 28:99-104.
Bickerman, Elias J.: an appreciation,
by Shaye J.D. Cohen. 40:162-165.
Biography, American Jewish, selected
books on, by Nathan M. Kaganoff.
Bne-Israel in India, literary activities,
by Walter J. Fischel. 29:5-11.
Borgersen, Richard, and Jacob Freid.
The Jewish Braille Library. 32:37-
Borowitz, Eugene B. National Jewish
Book Awards. 31:196-201; 33:262-
269; The Career of Jewish Existen­
tialism. 32:44-49.
Boston Hebrew College, the Library,
by Maurice S. Tuchman. 38:98-105.
Braille Library, Jewish, by Jacob Freid
and Richard Borgersen. 32:37-43.
Brandeis, Goldfarb Library, by Charles
Cutter. 39:115-118.
Brenner, Joseph Hayyim.
On the 50th anniversary of his death,
(H), by Adir Cohen. 28:133-140.
Yosef Hayyim Brenner, by David
Patterson. 38:117-126.
Brisman, Shimeon. The Jewish Studies
Collection at UCLA. 27:42-47.
Brodie, Deborah. Jewish juven ile
books. 32:118-121; 33:194-199;
34:143-148; Selected juvenile books
on American Jewish life. 33:80-84.
Burko, Faina. Goldfaden and the Yid­
dish theater. 40:127-131.
Burla, Yehuda — novelist who opened
windows to the Jewish Orient, by
Itzhak Ivry. 28:87-93.
Butovsky, Mervin. Canadian Jewish
writers. 40:20-33.
Canadian Jewish writers, by Mervin
Butovsky. 40:20-33.
Carmilly-Weinberger, Moshe. Exter­
nal and internal censorship of He­
brew books. 28:9-16.
Catalogs, book, Judaica and Hebraica
in, by Leonard Singer Gold. 35:47-
Cedarbaum, Sophia N. Jewish juvenile
books. 26:171-176.
Censorship, external and internal of
Carmilly-Weinberger. 28:9-16.
Center for Public Libraries in Israel, by
Yohai Goell. 36:67-78.
Chipman, Fannie. Jewish juvenile
books. 31:137-140.
Christian-Jewish relations, recent liter­
ature, by A. Roy Eckardt. 38:47-61.
Chyet, Stanley F. Lewisohn: the choice
is the man. 37:142-148.
Cochin Jews on the Malabar coast, their
literary creativity, by Walter J. Fisch­
el. 28:25-31.
Cohen, Adir. Joseph Chaim Brenner:
on the 50th anniversary of his death
(H). 28:133-140.
Cohen, Hermann, by Trude Weiss-
Rosmarin. 26:88-93.
Cohen, Ina M. Rubin. American Jew­
ish fiction books. 37:189-195;
Cohen, Shaye J.D. Elias J. Bickerman:
an appreciation. 40:162-165.
Cohen, Yosef Yitzhak. Selected books
on Judaica from Israel (H). 36:212-
Collecting ofJewish books, by Solomon
B. Freehof. 38:6-17.
Columbia University, Hebraica and
Judaica collections, by Bernard R.
Crystal and Rudolph Ellenbogen.
Crystal, Bernard R., and Rudolph El­
lenbogen. Hebraica and Judaica col­
lections at Columbia University.
Cutter, Charles. Goldfarb Library at
Brandeis. 39:115-118.
Deinard, Ephraim: a portrait, by
Simcha Berkowitz. 37:125-131.
DeNola David. The Jewish student
press — pulsebeat of the movement.
Devils, Jews, and I.B. Singer, by
Harold U. Ribalow. 37:6-18.
Devotional literature, recent American
Jewish, by Eric Friedland. 33:40-50.
Drama, American, the Jew in: a ques­
tion o f recognition, by Sidney L.
Berger. 28:17-24.
Drama, Hebrew, the Holocaust in, by
Yaffa Eliach. 36:37-49.
East European Jewish immigrant,
America discovers the, by Abraham