Page 296 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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J. Karp. 38:18-32.
Eckardt, A. Roy. Recent literature on
Christian-Jewish relations. 38:47-61.
Efros, Israel, poet-philosopher: on the
occasion o f his 80th birthday, by
Jacob Kabakoff. 28:105-109.
Eliach, Yaffa. The Holocaust in He­
brew Drama. 36:37-49.
Ellenbogen, Rudolph, and Bernard R.
Crystal. Hebraica and Judaica collec­
tions at Columbia University.
Encyclopedia Brilanmca,
Judaica in, by
Sefton D. Temkin. 33:91-99.
Encyclopedias, Jewish, of the last fif­
teen years, by Herbert C. Zafren.
Anglo-Jewish books.
Eppler, Elizabeth E. Anglo-Jewish
books. 26:216-223; 27:191-200;
28:234-243; 29:180-186; 30:161-
172; 31:172-180; 32:158-167;
33:240-252; 34:196-204; 35:245-
255; 36:202-2 11; 37:235-246;
38:235-242; 39:247-252; 40:250-
Epstein, Shifra. Recent literature on
Jewish folklore. 36:106-113.
Evanier, David. American Jewish fic­
tion books. 34:138-142.
Existentialism, Jewish, the career of, by
Eugene B. Borowitz. 32:44-49.
Faber, Salamon. Judaica production of
university presses. 28:32-40;
Selected private Jewish library col­
lections. 29:39-46; Recent works in
English on Jewish mysticism. 33:85-
90; Meir Loeb Malbim. 36:79-87;
Robert Gordis: a tribute. 40:139-
147; American Jewish non-fiction
books. 34:1 10-137; 35:155-185;
36:135-159; 37:168-188; 38:159-
184; 39:178-196; 40:179-202.
Feffer, Solomon. Hebrew miniature
books. 27:35-41.
Feinberg, Leon, the poetry of, 1897-
1969, by Sol Liptzin. 27:81-83.
Fiction, American Jewish,
Jewish fiction books.
Fisch, Harold. On the poetry of Shin
Shalom. 32:7-14.
Fischel, WalterJ. The Literary heritage
of the Persian speaking Jews. 27:5-
12; The Literary creativity o f the
Jews of Cochin on the Malabar coast.
28:25-31; The Literary activities o f
the Bne-Israel in India. 29:5-11; The
Literary activities o f the Arabic­
speaking Jews in India. 30:21-26;
The Literary heritage of the Kurdish
Jews. 31:8-12.
Fischel, Walter Joseph, 1902-1973, by
S.D. Goitein. 32:70-73.
Fishman, Joshua A. Max Weinreich,
1894-1969. 27:76-80; Yudel Mark:
1897-1975. 34:94-97.
Folklore, Jewish, recent literature on,
by Shifra Epstein. 36:106-113.
Fram, Leon. Literary contributions of
the Union o f American Hebrew
Congregations. 30:62-68.
France, Jewish press, a review of the
contemporary scene, by Charles Ber­
lin. 30:53-58.
Frank, Ruth S. JWB Jewish Book
Council. 38:255-258. 39:265-267;
Freehof, Solomon B. Recent responsa
literature on modern problems.
27:20-29; On the collecting ofJewish
books. 38:6-17.
Freid, Jacob, and Richard Borgersen.
The Jewish Braille Library. 32:37-
Freudenheim, Tom L. Books on art
and the Jewish tradition. 36:97-105.
Friedland, Eric. Among the recent
American Jewish devotional litera­
ture. 33:40-50.
Friedlander, Albert H. Leo Baeck: the
centenary and the man. 30:73-77.
Friedman, Jacob: 1910-1972 (Y), by
Yudel Mark. 31:84-89.
Frishman, Nettie, and Marcia Posner.
Jewish juvenile books. 35:192-200.
Fuks, Leo. The Rise o f the Yiddish
press (Y). 33:105-110.
Furstenberg, Rochelle. Images o f
Woman in Israeli literature. 40:34-
Gerber, Jane S. Jewish historical writ­
ing in America. 39:30-40.
Ginzberg, Louis: on the occasion o f the
100th anniversary o f his birth, by
Isaac Klein. 30:90-94.
Gitelman, Zvi. Russian publications in