Page 297 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Israel. 38:62-70.
Goell, Yohai. The Center for Public
Libraries in Israel. 36:67-78.
Goitein, S.D. Walter Joseph Fischel,
1902-1973. 32:70-73.
Gold, Leonard Singer. Judaica and
Hebraica in book catalogs. 35:47-55.
Goldberg, Leah — in memoriam, by
Itzhak Ivry. 29:55-61.
Goldfaden, Abraham, and the Yiddish
theater, by Faina Burko. 40:127-131.
Goldsmith, Emanuel S. Jewish
Nationalist thought in Yiddish.
35:69-73; Sholem Asch. 37:116-120.
Goodman, Philip. Jewish Book Council
o f America. 26:243-250; 27:222-
225. 28:268-272; 29:212-218; Jewish
Book Council of the National Jewish
31:202-210; 32:187-194; 33:270-
276; 34:223-233.
Gordis, Robert. Alexander Alan Stein-
bach — poet in word and deed: on
the occasion o f his seventy-fifth
birthday. 27:90-93; National Jewish
Book Awards. 39:268-281.
Gordis, Robert: a tribute, by Salamon
Faber. 40:139-147.
Govrin, Nurit. Wrestling with creativ­
ity— on S. Ben-Zion (H). 39:61-75.
Grade, Chaim, his central concern, by
Susan A. Slotnick. 37:106-115.
Grayzel, Solomon.
Cecil Roth: 1899-1970. 29:62-66.
On the occasion of his 75th birthday,
by A. Alan Steinbach. 28:110-115.
Solomon Grayzel, 1896-1980, by
Kenneth R. Stow. 39:158-163.
Greenberg, Blu. Recent literature on
Jewish women. 35:97-107.
Greenberg, Uri Zvi, 1894-1981, by
Leon I. Yudkin. 39:149-157.
Nahmanides (H). 26:75-79; The Be­
ginning of Hebrew printing (H);
33:100-104; Hayyim Schirmann (H).
Halkin, Simon — man of letters: on the
occasion o f his 75th birthday, by
Jacob Kabakoff. 31:62-66.
Halperin, Irving. Meaning and despair
in the literature of the survivors.
26:7-22; Suffering and fervor in
W iesel’s
The Gates o f the Forest.
the American, by Jacob
Kabakoff. 38:42-46.
Harkavy, Alexander (Y), by Yudel
Mark. 26:100-108.
Harvard’s Judaica co llection , by
Charles Berlin. 26:58-63.
Haskalah literature — trends and at­
titudes, by Moshe Pelli. 39:92-101.
the first Hebrew daily in
America (H), by Zvulun Ravid.
Hazaz, Hayyim: 1898-1973, by Elaine
I. Morris. 31:78-83.
Hebrew, translating: some practical
considerations, by Norman Tarnor.
Hebrew books,
see also
Israel, selected
books of.
Hebrew books, American (H), by
Theodore Wiener. 26:177-187;
27:155-162; 28:201-209; 29:147-
155; 30:133-139; 31:141-151;
32:122-132; 33:200-213; 34:149-
169; 35:201-215; by Nathan M.
Kaganoff. 36:169-180; 37:205-213;
38; 198-212; 39:209-224; 40:220-
Hebrew books, antique, what makes
them so rare?, by Israel Mehlman.
Hebrew books, censorship, external
and internal, by Moshe Weinberger.
Hebrew Fiction, Arab-Jewish confron­
tations, by Eisig Silberschlag. 37:30-
Hebrew literature, American motifs in,
by Norman Tarnor. 33:33-39.
Hebrew press,
Press, Hebrew.
Hebrew rebirth and Eliezer ben
Yehuda; on the occasion of the 50th
anniversary of his death, by Jacob
Kabakoff. 29:67-72.
Heschel, Abraham Joshua, 1907-1972,
by Byron L. Sherwin. 32:65-69.
Heyd, Milly. Isaac’s sacrifice in the
Bible illustrations o f Lilien and
Pann. 40:54-66.
Hindus, Milton. Jewish American
poetry. 36:6-17.
Hirsch, David H. Jewish identity and
Jewish su ffer ing in Bellow,