Page 298 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Malamud, and Philip Roth. 29:12-
Hirsch, Julia. Jews in black and white,
and color: books o f photography,
1968-1978. 37:91-100.
Historical writing, Jewish, in America,
by Jane S. Gerber. 39:30-40.
Historiography, Jewish, some prob­
lems today, by Bernard D. Weinryb.
History, American Jewish, selected
books on, by Nathan M. Kaganoff.
History, Jewish, a novel source of, by
Judah J. Shapiro. 27:30-34.
Hoenig, Sidney B. Rabbi Isaac Elhanan
Spector: on the occasion of the 75th
anniversary of his death. 28:121-
125; Solomon Zeitlin: on the occa­
sion of his 80th birthday. 29:94-101;
Jewish Book Council o f JWB.
35:264-268; National Jewish Book
Awards. 36:230-234; Meir Bar-Ilan.
Hoffman, Stefani. Jewish Samizdat.
Holiness and its discontents , by
Cynthia Ozick. 30:6-11.
Holocaust, abuse in literature, by
David Mirsky. 37:39-48.
Holocaust fiction, on writing, by Yuri
Suhl. 32:50-53.
Holocaust in Hebrew drama, by Yaffa
Eliach. 36:37-49.
Holocaust in Jewish novels, by Edward
Alexander. 35:25-32.
Holtz, Avraham. Hillel Zeitlin: publi­
cist and martyr: on the occasion of
his 100th birthday. 28:141-146.
Hyman, Arthur. Harry Austryn
Wolfson: 1887-1974. 33:137-145.
Identity, Jewish, and Jewish suffering
in Bellow, Malamud, and Philip
Roth, by David H. Hirsch. 29:12-22.
The Literary activities o f the Bne-
by Walter J. Fischel. 29:5-11.
The Literary activities of Arabic­
speaking Jews, by Walter J. Fischel.
Israel, in American fiction, by Harold
U. Ribalow. 36:18-25.
Israel, neo-Hebrew fiction, by Gershon
Shaked. 26:49-57.
Israel, public libraries, Center for, by
Yohai Goell. 36:67-78.
Israel, selected books o f (H), by Ahi
Sefer. 26:224 -239 ; 27:201-216;
Ben-Shalom .
29:187-207; 30:173-194; 31:181-
195; 32 :168 -180 ; 33:253-261;
34:205-212; 35:256-263.
Israel, selected books on, by Sylvia
Landress. 30:27-39.
Israel’s research institutes, some of, by
S. Gershon Levi. 35:56-63.
Israeli literature, images of woman in,
by Rochelle Furstenberg. 40:34-43.
Israeli novelists, new, by Leon I. Yud-
kin. 34:60-67.
Isserles, Rabbenu Moses: on the occa­
sion of the 400th anniversary o f his
death (H), by Asher Siev. 29:79-85.
Ivry, Itzhak. Yehuda Burla — novelist
who opened windows to the Jewish
Orient. 28:87-93; Leah Goldberg —
in memoriam. 29:55-61.
Jabotinsky — master feuilletonist, by
Stanley Nash. 37:132-141.
Jajko, Edward A. The Judaica collec­
tions o f Yale University Library.
Jewish Book Annual and the Jewish
Book Council, by Philip E. Miller.
Jewish Book Council,
JWB Jewish
Book Council.
Jewish Book Council Literary Awards,
National Jewish Book Awards.
Jewish Braille Library, by Jacob Freid
and Richard Borgersen. 32:37-43.
Jewish Studies Microfiche Project, by
Erwin Offenbacher. 36:114-121.
Jewish thought, books in: the decade of
the 1970’s, by Byron L. Sherwin.
Judaica collections.
Harvard, by Charles Berlin. 26:58-
Yale, by Edward A. Jajko. 35:119-
Judaica from Israel, selected books on
(H), by Yosef Yitzhak Cohen.
36:212-225; by Michael Riegler.
37:247-257; 38:243-254; 39:253-
264; 40:256-268.