Page 300 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Kreutzberger, Max. The Library and
archives of the Leo Baeck Institute in
New York. 29:47-54.
Kurdish Jews, literary heritage of, by
Walter J. Fischel. 31:8-12.
Landis, Joseph C. America and Yid­
dish literature. 33:20-32; Yiddish
theatre — the troubled muse.
Landress, Sylvia. Selected books on Is­
rael. 30:27-39; The Zionist Archives
and Library. 34:79-81.
Latin American Jewish writers, by
Roberta Kalechofsky. 39:51-60.
Lee, Rena. S.Y. Agnon’s posthumous
works. 38:71-79.
Leftwich, Joseph. Bashevis Singer in
Yiddish literature. 27:62-75; About
translation from the Yiddish.
Leo Baeck Institute in New York, the
library and archives, by Max
Kreutzberger. 29:47-54.
Lerner, Anne Lapidus. The Making of
a person. 39:41-50.
Levi, S. Gershon. Some of Israel’s re­
search institutes. 35:56-63.
Levin, Meyer, the literary creativity of,
by Samuel I. Bellman. 33:111-116; a
lament for, by Harold U. Ribalow.
Levine, Baruch A. A Decade of Jewish
Bible scholarship in North America.
Levita, Elijah: on the 500th anniver­
sary o f his birth, by Werner Wein­
berg. 27:106-110.
Lewisohn: the choice is the man, by
Stanley F. Chyet. 37:142-148.
Libraries, Jewish, dealing with, by
Michael Poliak. 40:89-96.
Library of Congress, Hebrew collec­
tion, by Lawrence Marwick. 36:60-
Lieberman, Saul: on the occasion of his
75th birthday, by Tovia Preschel.
Lilien, Ephraim Moses, and Pann:
Isaac’s sacrifice in Bible illustrations,
by Milly Heyd. 40:54-66.
Liptzin, Sol. Yiddish literature in
Rumania. 27:13-19; Poetry o f Leon
Feinberg, 1897-1969 . 27:81-83;
Richard Beer-Hofmann: on the 25th
anniversary o f his death, 28:147-
150; The Jewish writer in America:
first century. 34:7-14; Arthur
Schnitzler. 38:141-145.
Liptzin, Sol: on the occasion o f his 75th
birthday, by A. Alan Steinbach.
Literary critics, on seven Yiddish (Y),
by Hyman B. Bass. 34:42-59.
Lowenthal, Marvin, 1890-1969, by
Charles A. Madison. 28:94-98.
Lunz, Abraham M. (H), by G. Kressel.
Madison, Charles A. Marvin Lowen­
thal, 1890-1969. 28:94-98.
Ringelblum, the historian (Y).
Making of a person, by Anne Lapidus
Lerner. 39:41-50.
Malamud, Bellow, and Philip Roth:
Jewish identity and Jewish suffering,
by David H. Hirsch. 29:12-22.
Malbim, Meir Loeb, by Salamon Faber.
Mandel, George. Kressel Collection at
Oxford. 40:132-138.
Manger, Itzik: a memorial tribute (Y),
by Yudel Mark. 28:79-86.
Mark, Yudel. Alexander Harkavy (Y).
26:100-108; Aleph Katz: in
memoriam (Y). 27:84-89; Itzik Man­
ger: a memorial tribute (Y). 28:79-
86; Yehoash, 1870-1970 (Y). 29:86-
93; New immigrants: poets from the
Soviet Union (Y); 30:40-52. Jacob
Friedman: 1910-1972 (Y). 31:84-89.
Mark, Yudel: 1897-1975, by Joshua A.
Fishman. 34:94-97.
Marwick, Lawrence. The Hebrew col­
lection in the Library of Congress.
Marx, A lexander, by Menahem
Schmelzer. 35:123-127.
Mehlman, Israel. What makes antique
Hebrew books so rare? 39:7-18.
M endelssohn, Moses, “Biur” , by
Werner Weinberg. 40:97-10.
Meyers, Eric M. Recent literature on
the archaeology o f Eretz Israel.