Page 301 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Midrashic eperience, by Lewis M.
Barth. 40:7-20.
Mikliszanski, Jacob K. Simon
Rawidowicz — a spiritual portrait.
Miller, Evelyn. The History o f the
Montreal Jewish Public Library and
Archives. 30:12-20.
Miller, Philip E. Jewish Book Council
and its Annual. 40:269-275
Miniature books, Hebrew, by Solomon
Feffer. 27:35-41.
Mirsky, David. The Abuse o f the
Holocaust in literature. 37:39-48.
Mirsky, S.K.: in memoriam, by Zebu-
lun Ravid. 26:64-67.
Montreal Jewish Public Library and
Archives, the history, by Evelyn Mil­
ler. 30:12-20.
Morris, Elaine I. Hayyim Hazaz:
1898-1973. 31:78-83.
Moskowitz, Morris A. Gershon
Shoffman: universal artist. 37:149-
Mysticism, Jewish, recent works in Eng­
lish, by Salamon Faber. 33:85-90.
Nadich, Judah. Winners of the Liter­
ary Awards o f the Jewish Book
Council o f America. 26:240-242;
27:217-221; 28:264-267; 29:208-
211; 30:195-198.
Nahman, Rabbi.
A Bibliographical excursion: on the
occasion of the 200th anniversary of
his birth, by Abraham Berger.
Recent interpretations and transla­
tions, by Abraham Berger. 39:84-91.
Nahmanides (H), by A.M. Haberman.
Nash, Stanley. Ahad
wordsmith and moral force: on the
50th anniversary o f his death.
34:88-93; Jabotinsky — master
feuilletonist. 37:132-141.
National Jewish Book Awards, by
Judah Nadich. 26:240-242; 27:217-
221; 28:264-267; 29:208-211;
30:195-198; by Eugene B. Borowitz.
31:196-201; 32:181-186; 33:262-
269; 35:269-274; 37:262-265;
38:259-261; by Bertie G. Schwartz.
34:213-220; by Sidney B. Hoenig.
36:230-234; by Robert Gordis.
39:268-281; 40:281-284.
Nationalist thought, Jewish, in Yid­
dish, by Emanuel S. Goldsmith.
Neo-Hebrew fiction in Israel, by Ger­
shon Shaked. 26:49-57.
Non-fiction , American Jewish,
American Jewish non-fiction books.
Novelists, new Israeli, by Leon I. Yud-
kin. 34:60-67.
O ffenbacher, Erwin. The Jewish
Studies Microfiche Project. 36:114-
Orlinsky, Harry M. To give voice to the
silence of the past. 35:5-14.
Oxford, Kressel Collection at, by
George Mandel. 40:132-138.
Ozick, Cynthia. Holiness and its dis­
contents. 30:6-11.
Pann, Abel, and Lilien: Isaac’s sacrifice
in Bible illustrations, by Milly Heyd.
Patterson, David. Yosef Hayyim Bren­
ner. 38:117-127.
Pelli, Moshe. Haskalah literature —
trends and attitudes. 39:92-101.
Periodicals, Israeli.
A Review o f the contemporary
scene, by Charles Berlin. 28:41-50.
In English, by Ruth Tronik-Reizel.
Persian speaking Jews, the literary her­
itage of, by Walter J. Fischel. 27:5-
Photography books, 1968-1978, by
Julia Hirsch. 37:91-100.
PL-480 Program, 1964-1969: a review,
by Charles Berlin. 27:48-55.
Poetry, ghetto, of Abraham Sutzkever,
by Ruth R. Wisse. 36:26-36.
Poetry, Hebrew, after the establish­
ment o f the State o f Israel, by
Hamutal Bar-Yosef. 26:34-48.
Poetry, Hebrew-Yiddish, the cente­
nary of the first book in America, by
Jacob Kabakoff. 34:26-31.
Poetry, Jewish American, by Milton
Hindus. 36:6-17.
Poetry of Yiddish writers in Israel,
some motifs (Y), by Hyman B. Bass.