Page 302 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Poets from the Soviet Union: new im­
migrants (Y), by Yudel Mark.
Poliak, Michael. Dealing with Jewish
libraries. 40:89-96.
Posner, Marcia. Jewish juvenile book
awards: survey and evaluation .
35:78-91; Jewish juvenile books.
36:163-168; 37:196-204; 38:192-
197; 39:202-208; 40:209-219.
Posner, Marcia, and Nettie Frishman.
Jewish juvenile books, 35:192-200.
Prayer books, America’s pioneer, by
Abraham J. Karp. 34:15-25.
Preil, Gabriel: American Hebrew poet,
by Yael Sagiv-Feldman. 38:133-140.
Preschel, Tovia. Rabbenu Tam: on the
occasion o f the 800th anniversary of
his death (H). 28:116-120; Saul
Lieberman: on the occasion o f his
75th birthday. 30:69-72.
Press, Hebrew.
the first Hebrew daily in
America (H), by Zvulun Ravid.
The American
by Jacob
Kabakoff. 38:42-47.
Press, Jewish, in France: a review of the
contemporary scene, by Charles Ber­
lin. 30:53-58.
Press, Yiddish, and Yiddish literature,
by Moshe Starkman. 31:44-48.
Press, Yiddish, the rise (Y), by Leo
Fuks. 33:105-110.
Printing, Hebrew.
Amsterdam ,
seventeenth century, by Herbert C.
Zafren. 35:33-46.
400 years in Palestine (H), by G.
Kressel. 34:82-87.
The Beg inn ing (H), by A.M.
Haberman. 33:100-104.
Private library collections, Jewish,
selected, by Salamon Faber. 29:39-
Raisin, Max — the first Hebrew histo­
rian of American Jewry (H), by Getz­
el Kressel. 38:80-85.
Ravid, Zvulun. S.K. Mirsky: in
memoriam. 26:64-67; Eisig Sil-
berschlag. 35:136-141;
, the
first Hebrew daily in America (H).
37:71-77; Getzel Kressel. 38:127-
Ravitch, Melech. Israel Joshua Singer.
Ravitch, Melech: in memoriam (Y), by
Itzchak Yanasowicz. 35:64-68.
Rawidowicz, Simon — a spiritual por­
trait, by Jacob K. Mikliszanski.
Reed, Debra. American Jewish fiction
books. 39:197-201; 40:203-208.
Reference books, Jewish: a select list,
by Herbert C. Zafren. 28:56-71.
Reisen, Abraham: 1876-1953, by Israel
Knox. 33:122-128.
Reisen, Abraham (Y), by Hyman B.
Bass. 37:78-83.
Reiss, Asher. A quarter century o f
books on the Warsaw Ghetto Battle.
Reprints, Judaica, a review: old friends
revisited, by Sefton David Temkin.
Responsa literature on modern prob­
lems, recent, by Solomon B. Freehof.
Ribalow, Harold U. American Jewish
fiction books. 26:163-170; 27:144-
147; 28:189-194; 29:137-141;
30:123-126; 31:130-136; 32:112-
117; 33:190-193; Subtle artistry of
Giorgio Bassani. 31:13-20; A Survey
of American Jewish Fiction Awards.
33:9-19; Selected books o f American
Jewish fiction. 33:72-79; Saul Bel­
low: Jewish writer. 35:14-24; Israel
in American fiction . 36:18-25;
Devils, Jews, and I. B. Singer. 37:6-
17; Lament for Meyer Levin.
Riegler, Michael. Selected books on
Judaica from Israel (H). 37:247-257.
38:243-254. 39:253-264; 40:256-
Ringelblum, Emmanuel, the historian
(Y), by Raphael Mahler. 26:109-120.
Roth, Cecil: 1899-1970, by Solomon
Grayzel. 29:62-66.
Roth, Philip, Malamud, and Bellow:
Jewish identity and Jewish suffering,
by David H. Hirsch. 29:12-22.
Rumania, Yiddish literature in, by Sol
Liptzin. 27:13-19.
Russian publications in Israel, by Zvi
Gitelman. 38:62-70.