Page 303 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Sackler, Harry: mystical rationalist,
byEisig Silbershag. 40:105-119.
Sadan, Dov (H), by Jacob Kabakoff.
Sagiv-Feldman, Yael. Gabriel Preil:
American Hebrew poet. 38:133-140.
Samizdat, Jewish, by Stefani Hoffman.
Samuel, Maurice, by Zalman Shazar.
Schirmann, Hayyim (H), by Abraham
M. Habermann. 36:50-52.
Schmelzer, Menahem. A lexander
Marx. 35:123-128.
Schnitzler, Arthur, by Sol Liptzin.
Scholem, Gershom, 1897-1982, by
David Biale. 40:154161.
Schulman, Elias. Israel Tsinberg,
1873-1939. 30:84-89; Soviet Yiddish
writing as mirrored in
Sovetish Heim-
37:49-58; Aaron Zeitlin (Y).
38:86-97; Yung Vilne (Y). 40:76-88.
Schwartz, Bertie G. National Jewish
Book Awards. 34:213-220.
Schwarz, Leo W.: in memoriam, by A.
Alan Steinbach. 26:68-74.
Scult, Mel. A Tribute to Mordecai Kap­
lan at 100. 38:106-116.
Sephardic Jewry, recent English works
on, by Marc D. Angel. 35:92-96.
: on its 100th anniversary
(H), by G. Kressel. 27:100-105.
Shaked, Gershon. The Neo-Hebrew
fiction in Israel. 26:49-57.
Shalom, Shin, on the poetry of, by
Harold Fisch. 32:7-14.
Shamri, Arie: in memoriam (Y), by
Itzchak Yanasowicz. 36:53-59.
Shapiro, Judah J. A novel source of
Jewish history. 27:30-34.
Shazar, Zalman. On Maurice Samuel.
Shazar, Zalman: 1890-1974, by Abra­
ham I. Katsh. 33:129-136.
Sherwin, Byron L. Abraham Joshua
Heschel, 1907-1972. 32:65-69;
Books in Jewish thought: the decade
o f the 1970’s. 37:84-90.
Shlonsky, Abraham (1900-1973) —
poet o f modernism , by Jacob
Kabakoff. 32:15-22.
Shoffman, Gershon: universal artist,
by Morris A. Moskowitz. 37:149-153.
Siev, Asher. Rabbenu Moses Isserles:
on the occasion of the 400th anniver­
sary of his death (H). 29:79-85.
Silberschlag, Eisig. Bialik at the cente­
nary. 30:78-83; Arab-Jewish con­
frontations in Hebrew fiction .
37:30-38; Silkiner’s legacy to He­
brew poetry. 39:132-138; Harry
Silberschlag, Eisig, by Zvulun Ravid.
Silkiner’s legacy to Hebrew poetry, by
Eisig Silberschlag. 39:132-138.
Singer, Bashevis, in Yiddish literature,
by Joseph Leftwich. 27:62-75.
Singer, I.B ., devils, and Jews, by
Harold U. Ribalow. 37:6-17.
Singer, Israel Joshua, by Melech
Ravitch. 26:121-123.
Slotnick, Susan A. Chaim Grade’s cen­
tral concern. 37:106-115.
Sovetish Heimland,
Soviet Yiddish writ­
ing as mirrored in, by Elias Schul­
man. 37:49-58.
Soviet Union, poets from: new immi­
grants (Y), by Yudel Mark. 30:40-52.
Soviv, Aaron. American Yiddish litera­
ture — the immigrant phase. 38:33-
Spector, Rabbi Isaac Elhanan: on the
occasion of the 75th anniversary of
his death, by Sidney B. Hoenig.
Spertus College of Judaica, the Nor­
man Asher and Helen Asher Lib­
rary, by Samuel M. Aksler. 31:58-61.
Starkman, Moshe. Aaron Zeitlin the
poet at seventy. 27:94-99; Dr.
Shlomo Bickel: a memorial tribute
(Y). 28:99-104; Yiddish press and
Yiddish literature. 31:44-48.
Steinbach, A. Alan. Introduction.
26:1-6; 27:1-4; 28:1-8; 29:1-4;
30:1-5; 31:1-7; 32:1-6; 33:1-8;
34:1-6; Leo W. Schwarz: in
memoriam. 26:68-74; Solomon
Grayzel: on the occasion of his 75th
birthday. 28:110-115; A.M. Klein
(1909-1972): a memorial tribute.
31:71-77; Sol Liptzin: on the occa­
sion of his 75th birthday. 33:117-
121; On the art o f translation.