Page 304 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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Steinbach, Alexander Alan — poet in
word and deed: on the occasion of
his seventy-fifth birthday, by Robert
Gordis. 27:90-93.
Stow, Kenneth R. Solomon Grayzel,
1896-1980. 39:158-163.
Strassfeld, Sharon M. JWB Jewish
Book Council. 36:226-229.
Student press, Jewish — pulsebeat of
the movement, by David DeNola.
Suffering, Jewish, and Jewish identity
in Bellow, Malamud, and Philip
Roth, by David H. Hirsch. 29:12-22.
Suhl, Yuri. On writing Holocaust fic­
tion. 32:50-53.
Survivors, meaning and despair in
their literature, by Irving Halperin.
Sutzkever, Abraham, the ghetto poems
of, by Ruth R. Wisse. 36:26-36.
Tam, Rabbenu Jacob Ben Meir: on the
occasion of the 800th anniversary of
his death (H), by Tovia Preschel.
Tarnor, Norman. American motifs in
Hebrew literature. 33:33-39; On
translating Hebrew: some practical
considerations. 37:59-70; Aharon A.
Kabak: the heroic quest. 40:120-126.
Tarshish, Allan. Isaac Mayer Wise.
Temkin, Sefton David. Old friends re­
visited: a review of Judaica reprints.
28:51-55; Judaica in the
Tradition, Jewish, and art, books on, by
Tom L. Freudenheim. 36:97-105.
Translating Hebrew: some practical
considerations, by Norman Tarnor.
Translation from the Yiddish, by
Joseph Leftwich. 31:49-57.
Translation, on the art of, by A. Alan
Steinbach. 34:68-78.
Tronik-Reizel, Ruth. Israeli periodi­
cals in English. 39:102-114.
Tsinberg, Israel, 1873-1939, by Elias
Schulman. 30:84-89.
Tuchman, Maurice S. Library of the
Boston Hebrew College. 38:98-105.
UCLA’s Jewish Studies Collection, by
Shimeon Brisman. 27:42-47.
Union of American Hebrew Congre­
gations, the literary contributions, by
Leon Fram. 30:62-68.
University presses.
In Israel (H), by G. Kressel. 31:29-
Judaica production of, by Salamon
Faber. 28:32-40.
Wagner, Hilda B. Jewish juven ile
books. 29:142-146. 30:127-132.
Walden, Daniel. American Jewish
novel. 37:18-29.
Warsaw Ghetto battle, a quarter cen­
tury o f books, by Asher Reiss.
Weinberg, Werner. Elijah Levita: on
the 500th anniversary of his birth.
27:106-110; Moses Mendelssohn’s
“Biur.” 40:97-104.
Weinreich, Max, 1894-1969, byJoshua
A. Fishman. 27:76-80.
Weinryb, Bernard D. Some problems
o f Jewish historiography today.
Weiss-Rosmarin, Trude. Hermann
Cohen. 26:88-93.
Werner, Alfred. Self-revelations: some
autobiographies of American Jewish
artists. 31:37-43.
Wiener, Theodore. American Hebrew
books (H). 26:177-187; 27:155-162;
28:201-209; 29:147-155; 30:133-
139; 31 :141-151; 32:122-132;
33:200-213; 34:149-169; 35:201-
215; Jewish literary anniversaries.
26:124-134; 27:111-120; 28:151-
160; 29:101-111; 30:95-104; 31:90-
103; 32:74-86; 33:146-158; 34:98-
109; 35 :142-154; 36:122-134;
37:154-167; 38:146-158; 39:164-
177; 40:166-178.
Wiesel Elie, Suffering and fervor in his
The Gates o f the Forest,
by Irving
Halperin. 27:56-61.
Winer, Gershon. Micha Joseph Ber­
dichevsky: on the occasion o f the
50th anniversary o f his death.
Wise, Isaac Mayer, by Allan Tarshish.
Wisse, Ruth R. The Ghetto poems of
Abraham Sutzkever. 36:26-36.
Wolfson, Harry Austryn: 1887-1974,