Page 305 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 40

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by Arthur Hyman. 33:137-145.
Woman, images in Israeli literature, by
Rochelle Furstenberg. 40:34-43.
Women, Jewish, recent literature on,
by Blu Greenberg. 35:97-107.
Writer, Jewish, in America: first cen­
tury, by Sol Liptzin. 34:7-14.
Writers, Canadian Jewish, by Mervin
Yale University Library, the Judaica
collections, by Edward A. Jajko.
Yanasowicz, Itzchak. Melech Ravitch:
in memoriam (Y). 35:64-68; Arie
Shamri: in memoriam (Y). 36:53-59.
Yehoash, 1870-1970 (Y), by Yudel
Mark. 29:86-93.
Yiddish, Jewish nationalist thought in,
by Emanuel S Goldsmith. 35:69-73.
Yiddish books (Y), by Dina Ab-
ramowicz. 26:188-215; 27:163-190;
28:210-233; 29:156-179; 30:140-
160; 31:152-171; 32:133-157;
33:214-239; by Zachary M. Baker.
34:170-195; 35:216-244; 36:181-
201; 37:214-234; 38:213-234;
39:225-246; 40:232-249.
Yiddish literature.
America in (Y), by Hyman B. Bass.
American, the immigrant phase, by
Aaron Soviv. 38:33-41.
And America, by Joseph C. Landis.
And Yiddish press, by Moshe
Starkman. 31:44-48.
Bashevis Singer in, by Joseph
Leftwich. 27:62-75.
In Rumania, by Sol Liptzin. 27:13-
Yiddish press,
Press, Yiddish.
Yiddish theater and Goldfaden, by
Faina Burko. 40:127-131.
Yiddish theatre — the troubled muse,
by Joseph C. Landis. 34:32-41.
Yiddish, translation from, by Joseph
Leftwich. 31:49-57.
Yiddish writers in Israel, some motifs
in the poetry o f (Y), by Hyman B.
Bass. 32:22-31.
Yiddish writing, Soviet, as mirrored in
Sovetish Heimland,
by Elias Schulman.
Yudkin, Leon I. The New Israeli
novelists. 34:60-67; Uri Zvi
Greenberg, 1894-1981. 39:149-157.
Zafren, Herbert C. Jewish reference
books: a select list. 28:56-71; Jewish
encyclopedias o f the last fifteen
years, 31:21-28; Amsterdam, center
o f Hebrew printing in the
seventeenth century. 35:33-46.
Zeitlin, Aaron, the poet at seventy, by
Moshe Starkman. 27:94-99.
Zeitlin, Aaron (Y), by Elias Schulman.
Zeitlin, Hillel: publicist and martyr: on
the occasion of his 100th birthday, by
Avraham Holtz. 28:141-146.
Zeitlin, Solomon: on the occasion o f his
80th birthday, by Sidney B. Hoenig.
Zionist Archives and Library, by Sylvia
Landress. 34:79-81.