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elist whose innovative writings projected him as a commanding
figure in the Russian Yiddish literary center.
Max Nordau , who is usually recalled for his collaboration with
Herzl, is the subject o f a centennial appreciation on the occasion
o f the anniversary o f his best-selling work exposing the ills and
foibles o f civilization. The ten th anniversary o f the dea th o f the
Hebrew ideological prose writer Hayim Hazaz has led Warren
Bargad to offer a close textual read ing o f two o f his sho rt stories
whose characters rep resen t leading ideas in Jewish history.
T he accomplishments o f the Institute for the T ransla tion o f
Hebrew L iterature, established in 1962, are surveyed by Nilli
Cohen. O f special interest is its new project, the periodical
Forthcoming, which was recently initiated as a fo rum for Jewish
American and Israeli writing and which is being published as an
independen t supplement to Moment magazine.
Still ano ther article in ou r ongoing series concern ing the hold­
ings o f various libraries is the account by Michael G runbe rge r o f
the growth and development o f the library o f Gratz College in
Philadelphia. We are happy to note tha t the Jewish library scene
has been enriched by the open ing o f the new library facility o f the
Jewish Theological Seminary o f America. Ever since the 1966 fire
which destroyed part o f this library, its holdings have been scat­
tered in various places. It is good to know tha t its unparalleled
Hebraica and Judaica collections o f a quar te r o f a million books
and 10,000 manuscripts are now available in a s truc tu re tha t con­
tains the latest technological advances for safe storage and easy
T he passing o f Saul Lieberman, the distinguished rabbinic
savant, has left a great void in the world o f Jewish scholarship.
Lieberman achieved preem inence as a commentator on rabbinic
works, notably the Tosefta and the Jerusa lem Ta lm ud . He pub ­
lished various rabbinic texts with meticulous care and b rough t his
p ro found knowledge o f Greek and Hellenistic cu ltu re to bear
upon the elucidation o f scores o f halakhic and philological p rob ­
lems. T he
Jewish Book Annual
(vol. 30, 1972-73) had occasion to
mark his 75th birthday with an evaluation o f his work by Tovia
Preschel. Seymour Siegel has now p resen ted a fu r th e r apprecia­