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tion o f L ieberman’s seminal contributions to rabbinic literature
and Jewish learning.
Haro ld U. Ribalow was for many years active in the affairs o f
the JWB Jewish Book Council and a frequen t con tribu to r to its
His fru itfu l activities as au tho r, ed itor and critic are
reviewed by Ju d a h Nadich. We record with sorrow the passing in
England o f Joseph Leftwich (1892-1983), a con tribu to r to the
who p ioneered in the editing o f Jewish anthologies and
was a prolific translator from Yiddish literature.
In the field o f Jewish booklore Haim Gevaryahu explores the
problem o f ascribing au thorsh ip to Hebrew books. Tak ing as his
starting point a medieval d ifference o f opinion on this question,
he traces its evolution th roughou t the centuries.
Theodo re Wiener has once again compiled' his informative
guide to literary anniversaries tha t may be observed du r ing the
coming year. We again p resen t ou r section o f seven
bibliographies tha t reflect the literary ou tpu t in America,
England and Israel. The listings o f English, Hebrew and Yiddish
books by ou r diligent bibliographers cover generally the period
between April 15, 1982 and April 15, 1983.
T he repo r t o f the activities o f the JWB Jewish Book Council by
Ruth S. Frank, director, highlights a number o f new develop­
ments in its program . High on the agenda o f Council activities
were the 1983 National Jewish Book Awards, which have been
listed and described according to categories.
We again express ou r p ro found appreciation to the JWB for its
role in sponsoring the activities and publications o f the Council.
We are pleased to acknowledge the suppo rt o f the Lucius N.
Littauer Fund , and the contributions o f the Joseph Meyerhoff
Fund, the Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, the Israel Matz
Foundation and the I. Edward Kiev Library Foundation . To Rab­
bis Gilbert Klaperman, Ju d ah Nadich and Ely E. Pilchik, former
Council presidents, ou r thanks for the ir continuing aid and