Page 145 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 41

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seriously and he was, already in his lifetime, either forgotten as a
literary critic o r relegated to the ignoble category o f ‘a jo u rn a l­
ist.’”5 On balance, Max Nordau singlehandedly fought a good
fight against the en tire social o rd e r o f his day. Grossly overrated
as a philosopher o f hum an solidarity and undeserving o f a p ro p h ­
e t’s mantle, Nordau is nonetheless an engaging personality, wor­
thy o f far grea ter recognition by cultural historians for his indict­
m en t o f modernism in fin de siecle Europe.
5 Stanley Nash,
In Search o f Hebraism: Shai Hurwitz and His Polemics in the Hebrew
(Leiden, 1980), p. 250, note 165.