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works by Hebrew poetesses, and a verse anthology entitled,
“From War to Peace.”
An im po r tan t project nearing completion is the translation o f a
comprehensive selection from the work o f Israel’s foremost mod­
ern poet, Uri Zvi G reenberg (born 1894, Galicia; died 1981, Tel
Aviv). T h e poet Harold Schimmel has been working on it for the
past two years.
A no ther recen t enterprise is a series o f small poetry volumes by
individual poets. Selections in this format, devoted to the poetry
o f David Vogel, Leah Goldberg, Dalia Ravikowitz, Yehuda
Amichai, Moshe Dor and others, have been published jointly with
the Menard Press o f London over the past few years. In the
p lanning stage are volumes o f poetry by Nathan Zach, Abraham
Chalfi, Simon Halkin and Aharon Almog.
A no ther project in prepara tion is a series o f monographs on
Hebrew writers, to be published jointly with the Hebrew Univer­
sity and its Magnes Press. Each such monograph , runn ing to
about 120 pages, will present an outline o f the writer’s biography
and discuss the major aspects o f his work. The series is aimed spe­
cifically at the foreign reader, and will consequently strive to deal
with the ir subject within the wider traditions o f universal culture.
The first monographs in this series are to be devoted to Hebrew
writers whose work already exists in translation and is thus availa­
ble to the foreign reader.
T he first issue o f the periodical “Forthcoming” was launched in
the au tum n o f 1982 as a special supplement to Moment maga­
zine. In tended as a forum for Jewish creative writing, “Forthcom­
ing” is edited in Israel by David Rosenberg and in the United
States by Nessa Rapaport, and is published by the Institute jointly
with Hakibbutz Hameuhad Publishing House for distribution in
the U.S. T he periodical seeks to present the best in contemporary
Jewish American and Israeli writing with the express purpose of
comparing the two cultures and exploring the ir mutual relation­
ships. A lthough most participants do not lack for publication
outlets, “Forthcom ing” is meant to serve them as a meeting
ground for the sharing o f common Jewish interests and concerns.
A series o f Hebrew plays in English and French translation has
been published by the Institute jointly with the World Zionist