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Library Resources of Gratz College
founded in 1895, is the oldest Hebrew teachers’
college in the United States. I t offers degree p rogram s in Jewish
Studies, Hebrew Language and Literature, Jewish Education,
and Jewish Music. T he College also provides educational services
to the community through its Comprehensive High School, its
Samuel Netzky Adult Institute, and its Division o f Community
Services. Since 1958 the Division o f Community Services has been
the central service agency for Jewish education in the G reater
Philadephia area.
T he library resources o f Gratz College consist o f materials
housed in the circulating collection o f the Library, the Special
Collections, the Abner and Mary Schreiber Jewish Music Library,
and the Chomsky Educational Resource Center.
In 1896 the College published a public notice signalling its
intention to organize a pedagogic collection consisting o f Hebrew
primers, biblical histories, and monographs relating to the Jewish
religion, the Hebrew language, and Hebrew literature . Dr. Isaac
Husik was nam ed “Honorary L ibrarian” in 1906 and a “clerk to
the L ibrarian” was employed to assist him in managing the g radu ­
ally developing library. In 1909 the College pu rchased the book
collection o f early American Reform and Zionist leader, Dr.
B ernhard Felsenthal — a collection o f approximately one thou ­
sand volumes in all areas o f Jewish literature . Judg e Mayer
Sulzberger, an active life-long member o f the Board o f T rustees
o f the College from its inception, enriched the Library with a
bequest o f more than one thousand volumes. His bequest
included valuable sixteenth- and seventeenth-century works
p rin ted in major centers o f Hebrew prin ting by such master
p rin te rs as Bomberg, Giustianus, De Gara, Bragadini, Athias,
and Proops. In 1958 the pedagogic library o f the Philadelphia
Council o f Jewish Education was in tegrated into the collection.
T he Hebrew L itera ture Society o f Philadelphia, in 1963, tu rned