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versities in the G reater Philadelphia area utilize the Library as do
seminarians o f various religions.
In recen t years the Gratz College Library has sponsored public
forums for prom inen t Jewish scholars and authors. Included
among such programs were lectures by Dr. Solomon Grayzel, on
“Between Past and Fu tu re ,” Rabbi Malcolm S tern, on “First
American Jewish Families,” and Dr. Moshe Davis, on “America
and the Holy Land .” Recent Library exhibits have highlighted:
Jewish education in Philadelphia, a selection o f ra re Passover
haggadot, the imm igrant experience, alumni publications, and
documents from the Holocaust Oral History Archive.
Before 1977 the Library maintained parallel cataloging and
classification schemes for d iffe ren t types o f materials. Juda ica
was cataloged and classified according to the Weine system;
Hebraica was classified according to the system in use at Harvard
University; and “general” works were classified according to the
Dewey Decimal system (using Library o f Congress subject head ­
ings). T he Library began a major recataloging project in 1977
designed to unify the collection un d e r the Library o f Congress
system. This project has been virtually completed, with 90 p e r ­
cent o f the Library’s holdings cataloged and classified according
to the new system. An intensive effo rt to identify items which had
deterio ra ted physically and requ ired special hand ling and trea t­
ment was under taken in 1982, and a range o f preservation meas­
ures have been applied whenever possible. Volumes which have
deterio ra ted beyond repa ir have been microfiched. A compact
book stack un it and ten additional study carrels were added d u r ­
ing a renovation and expansion made possible by a g ran t from the
Anna Bailis Foundation in 1982. A Library Services and Con­
struction Act, Title I II , g ran t from the State Library o f
Pennsylvania in 1982, and a g ran t from the Samuel S. Fels Fund
in 1983, have enabled the Library to jo in the Online Compu ter
Library Cen ter (OCLC) bibliographic network. In addition to
participation in OCLC, the Library is a member o f the Council o f
Archives and Research Libraries in Jewish Studies. New Judaica
and Hebraica acquisitions are listed in
The Book Announcer- Yedion
published regularly by the Library.