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1920), are housed in the L ibrary’s Special Collections. In
addition, the Library has acquired an im po rtan t selection o f anti-
Semitic pamphlets and posters from the private collection o f Mr.
Maurie O rodenker . This collection includes m em o randa and
pamphlets o f the Philadelphia Jewish Community Relations
Council and some material from the B’nai B’rith Anti-
Defamation League. This material is o f particu lar value for the
information it provides on anti-Semitism in the United States,
American nativism, Nazi propaganda , and local Jewish efforts to
combat anti-Semitism.
Holocaust Oral History Archive:
The Gratz College Holocaust Oral History Archive was estab­
lished in January , 1981, with seed money from the Samuel S. Fels
Fund o f Philadelphia. T he Archive seeks to collect, preserve, and
make available to scholars, researchers, and educators, the testi­
mony o f survivors o f the Holocaust residing in the G reater
Philadelphia area. The Archive gathers the personal testimony o f
Jews who survived experiences in Europe du r ing the period
1933-1945, in ghettos, concentration camps, labor brigades,
resistance forces, national armies, and in hiding. Since its found ­
ing in 1981, the Archive has completed more than 150 interviews
with survivors o f the Holocaust. In addition to taped and tran ­
scribed interviews, valuable documents and memorabilia have
been con tribu ted by survivors and have been added to the
Archive. T h e cataloged tapes and transcripts are housed in the
Special Collections o f the Library and are described in its main
card catalog.
Housed in its own separate quarters in the Gratz College
building, the Abner and Mary Schreiber Jewish Music Library is a
rich repository for the serious researcher in the field o f Jewish
music. O u tstand ing among the various collections which com­
prise the library is the significant collection o f musicologist Eric
Mandell, acquired by Gratz College in 1970. Th is collection o f
54,000 items includes cantorial compositions (bound volumes
and sheet music), folk music (bound volumes and sheet music),
popu lar music, magazine articles, and approximately 350 mono­
graphs relating to Jewish music. T he Mandell Collection includes