Page 168 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 41

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Bible and Rabbinics, con temporary Jewish litera tu re , Hebrew
language and literature, Jewish history, Israel, pedagogic
literature , Jewish philosophy, religious practices in the home and
synagogue, and the American Jewish community. Since its open ­
ing in 1978, the Chomsky Cen ter has indexed 3,000 items and
cataloged 500 o f its textbooks. Books located in CERC are also
listed in the main card catalog o f the College Library.
issued semi-annually, provides an anno ta ted list o f
holdings on specific subjects, innovative teaching ideas, and
reviews o f textbooks.
T he library facilities o f Gratz College rep resen t a rich and
diverse resource for students, faculty, and members o f the
Philadelphia Jewish community. T he libraries o f Gratz College
house materials which range from scholarly monographs to
recordings o f popu lar music, from oral history tapes to innova­
tive lesson plans, and from archival documents to musical scores.
By making these resources available to all who seek access to
them, the Library moves towards achieving its central goal: Meet­
ing the information needs o f the College and the Philadelphia
Jewish community.