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tions of his collected essays in Hungarian have appeared. He also
edited volumes in memory of Hungarian Jewish scholars. He
likewise has been contributing to scholarly periodicals through­
out the world.
We survey a literary heritage that stretches back eight centuries
to the time of the Tosaphists, those interpreters of the Talmud,
whose work was to become an integral part of nearly every
printed Talmud edition. Moses Bloch, Jacob Jechiel Weinberg,
and Alexander Guttmann, each in his own way is part of this
chain of tradition. Aaron David Bernstein, Jakob Wassermann,
and Lion Feuchtwanger represent modern Jewish writers who
address the world community. Jacob Gordin, David Bergelson,
and Isaac Bashevis Singer are the secular counterparts writing in
Yiddish. Hayyim Nahman Bialik, Zalman Shneour, and Shin
Shalom belong to the modern Hebrew classics. A unique service
to our literature was rendered by Salman Schocken. Once more
we can look back on a rich harvest of literary achievement.*
Without exact date: Elhanan ben Isaac, of Dampierre.
January: 1, Jakob Wassermann; 11, Benzion Dinur; 13, Leon Kussman.
February: 6, Hyman G. Enelow; 13, Aart nDavid Bernstein; 17, David S.
Loewinger; 18, Caspar Levias; 19, Shimshon Meltzer; 25, Jacob
March: 11, Zevi Scharfstein; 13, Nathan Rotenstreich; 27, Jacob S.
Golub; 30, Philip Birnbaum; 31, Alfred Jospe.
April: 15, Ben-Zion Halper; 21, Abraham Uri Kovner; 29, Reuben
May: 14, Aaron Mirsky; 15, Max Brod, Saul Chajes; 28, Elliot E. Cohen;
30, Zvi Zebulun Weinberg.
June: 11, Jacob Gordin; 17, Jon Kimche; 20, Samson Halevi Bloch.
July: 4, Yitzhak Raphael; 7, Lion Feuchtwanger; 14, Isaac Bashevis
Singer; 21, Hayyim Nahman Bialik; 24, Isaac Herzog; 29, Moses A.
August: 6, Moses Bloch, Salman Schocken; 12, David Bergelson; 16,
Samuel Salant; 19, Isaac S. Reggio; 22, Samuel S. Cohon; 24,
Shemuel Yavnieli.
September: 14, Judah Goldin, Joshua Trachtenberg; 19, Avot
* I wish to acknowledge with thanks the help of Morris U. Schappes, who sug­
gested several names to be included in this article.