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October: 1, Joseph Hayim ben Elijah, of Baghdad; 8, Naphtali Herz
Imber; 24, Sir Moses Montefiore.
November: 1, Gershon Agron, Der Nister, Gotthold Salomon; 2, Baron
Edmond de Rothschild; 13, Benjamin Franklin Peixotto; 16,
Alexander Guttmann.
December: 1, Jacob Jechiel Weinberg, Itzhak Ben-Zvi; 15, Benjamin
Tene; 18, Gustav Karpeles, Sigmund Mannheimer; 19, Shin
Shalom; 25, David Friedlaender; 29, Zalman Shneour.
25th anniversary of death. Born in Mena, Ukraine, in
1894, died in Jerusalem, November 1, 1959. Raised in the United
States, he served with the Jewish Legion in Palestine during World
War I. Later he became active inJewishjournalism, eventually estab­
lishing the
Palestine Post
(now the
Jerusalem Post),
the only English
daily in Israel. This has been a highly acclaimed newspaper, reflect­
ing the moderate views in the political spectrum of Israel. By
including summaries of the Hebrew and Arabic press, it has proved
useful in recording the political climate of the State of Israel and the
various segments of its population. During the last years of his life
Agron served as mayor of Jerusalem. His diaries and letters were
published posthumously in one volume.
e n
v i
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Poltava, Ukraine,
December 6, 1884, died inJerusalem in 1963. An early Labor Zionist
in Russia, he settled in Palestine in 1907. Expelled from Palestine
during World War I, he lived in the United States during that time
and along with David Ben-Gurion tried to propagate Zionist ideas in
this country. He enlisted in the Jewish Legion in 1917 to fight in
Palestine. After the War, he rose to leadership in the Jewish commu­
nity in Palestine and eventually succeeded Chaim Weizmann as
president of Israel, serving from 1952 until his death. In addition to
his public activity, he took great interest in the history of Palestine
and of the Jewish communities in Arab countries, devoting several
studies to these subjects. In English
The Exiled and the Redeemed
(1957, 1961) presents the results of his work in the latter area.
e r g e l s o n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Okhrimovo,
Ukraine, August 12, 1884, executed in Moscow in 1952. A major
Yiddish writer in the Soviet Union, who had lived abroad for a num­
ber of years during the 1920’sbefore completely accepting Commu­
nist discipline, he wrote about the decline of the Jewish bourgeoisie
in the shtetl. He became known as a leader of the Jewish Anti-Fascist
Committee established by the Soviet Union during World War II.
Many of his books were translated into Russian. In English there
appeared his novel
When All is Said and Done