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a ron
av id
e r n s t e in
100th anniversary of death. Born in Danzig,
Germany, in 1812, died in Berlin February 13, 1884. From a tradi­
tional home, he soon acquired proficiency in writing German and
became a popular writer on modern science. His works were trans­
lated into many languages, including English
(Popular Books onNatu­
ral Science
, 1869) and Hebrew. He also was an early advocate of
Reform Judaism in Berlin. Yet, he had nostalgia for the good old
days and wrote novels in German-Jewish dialect, depicting the small
town life of German Jewry during his youth. He was likewise a
strong advocate of political liberalism and wrote pamphlets and
edited a newspaper with this orientation for many years.
a y y im
ahm an
ia l ik
50th anniversary of death. Born in Radi,
Russia, in 1873, died in Vienna, July 21, 1934. Bialik is considered
the greatest Hebrewpoet of modern times, having liberated Hebrew
poetry from the imitation of the biblical style, so common until his
time. Coming from a traditional background, he eventually settled
in Odessa, the most forward lookingJewish community in Russia in
the period before World War I. He was closely associated with Ahad
Ha’am and shared some of his views. After the Russian Revolution,
he eventually settled in Palestine. In addition to his poetry he is best
known for the edition in modern Hebrew of the stories of the
Aggadah, which brought this important literature close to the mod­
ern Hebrew reader. In English there appeared a volume of his
plete Poetic Works (1948), And It Came toPass
(1938), legends of David
and Solomon, and
Aftergrowth, and other Stories
(1939). A bilingual
edition of his
Selected Poems
appeared in Israel (1981).
h i l i p
ir n b a u m
80th birthday. Born in Kielce, Poland, March 30,
1904. In the United States since 1923, he has been aJewish educator,
who has become best-known for his English translations of the tradi­
tional prayer book. He also wrote
A Book ofJewish Concepts
1975), which gives brief definitions of the principal terms of Juda­
ism. He also has compiled various anthologies ofJudaism, the latest,
The New Treasury of Judaism
(1977). He likewise prepared an
abridged edition of Moses Maimonides
' Mishneh Torah
with an Eng­
lish translation.
o ses
l o c h
75th anniversary of death. Born in Ronsberg, Bohemia,
nowCzechoslovakia, in 1815, died in Budapest, Hungary, August 6,
1909. For many years he taught Talmud and directed the modern
rabbinical seminary in Budapest. His major works in Hebrew deal
with the history of Jewish law. He likewise wrote many articles in
German and Hungarian in his field.
a l e v i
l o c h
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Kulikow,
Galicia, June 20, 1784, died in Vienna in 1845. He was one of the
first to publish general geographical works in Hebrew, based mainly