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ud ah
o l d in
70th birthday. Born in NewYork September 14, 1914.
Conservative rabbi, who entered upon an academic career, he ha
been on the faculty of Yale University and the University o
Pennsylvania. Among his writings have been several translation
and commentaries of Rabbinic texts.
The Living Talmud
translation of the
Ethics of the Fathers
with compilations of Rabbini
The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan
(1955) make
this midrash on the former available in English.
The Song of the Se
(1971) represents a translation of and commentary on the
commentary of the biblical Song of the Sea in Exodus 15.
a co b
S. G
o l u b
25th anniversary of death. Born in Bialystok, Russia, i
1895, died in New York March 27, 1959. AJewish educator in thi
country for most of his life, he served last as librarian of the Jewis
Education Committee in New York. Under the auspices of th
Union of American Hebrew Congregations he wrote a number o
popular Jewish history textbooks, such
asThe Golden Dawn
the Days of the First Temple (
1931), and
In the Days of the Second Templ
(1929, 1931, 1955).
a c o b
o r d in
75th anniversary of death. Born in Mirgorod, Ukraine
in 1853, died in New York, June 11, 1909. In Russia he had bee
active in the Russian press and had severely criticized Jewish life
blaming the middleman role of the Jews for anti-Semitism. Hi
effort to organize a group to settle the Jews on the land failed. Afte
coming to America in 1891, he sought to propagate his ideal
through the writing of Yiddish plays, which proved highly popula
in his lifetime. The obvious Socialist message he tried to conve
make them less acceptable to us today. Yet his work is recognized a
marking progress over the vulgar melodramas presented before hi
l e x a n d e r
u t t m a n n
80th birthday. Born in Budapest, Hungary
November 16, 1904.
rabbinic student in Hungary and Germany
he taught Talmud at the liberal rabbinical seminary in Berlin befor
joining the faculty of the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati i
1940. In addition to works in German and Hebrew, he wrote
binicJudaism in theMaking
(1970), dealing with the Tannaitic period
The Struggle over Reform in Rabbinic Literature during the Last Cen
tury and a Half
Studies in RabbinicJudaism
(1976) represents
collection of his principal articles.
a l p e r
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Zhosli, Lithuania
April 15, 1884, died in Philadelphia in 1924. He studied in Englan
and came to the United States before World War I, becoming assoc
ated with the Dropsie College in Philadelphia. He took a particula
interest in the Cairo Genizah and prepared a
Descriptive Catalogue o
Genizah Fragments in Philadelphia
(1924). He also edited