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a v id
o e w in g e r
80th birthday. Born in Debrecen, Hungary, Feb­
ruary 17, 1904. For many years a teacher and later the director of
the Budapest rabbinical seminary, serving throughout World War
II, he has been associated with the Institute of Hebrew Manuscripts
inJerusalem since 1950. He edited a number of memorial andjubi­
lee volumes honoring Hungarian Jewish scholars. He also has edited
important Bible manuscripts and prepared a catalogue of the manu­
scripts in the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary in Breslau,
igm un d
a n n h e im e r
75th anniversary of death. Born in Kernel,
Germany in 1835, died in Cincinnati December 18, 1909. AJewish
teacher in Germany, who studied later in Paris, he continued his
career in the United States, becoming eventually professor of
Hebrew at the Hebrew Union College and its librarian. He pub­
lished an early Hebrew grammar
,HebrewReader and Grammar,
in the
1870’s that went through several editions. He also translated the
Igeret Mu’sar
of Solomon Alami, the 15th-century Spanish ethical
writer, into English.
h im sh o n
e l t z e r
75th birthday. Born in Tluste, Galicia, February
19, 1909. In Palestine since 1933, he has been active on the pub­
lishing scene for many years. In addition to several volumes of his
own poetry and essays, he has translated a great many works from
the Yiddish, including those of Peretz.
e s t e l
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Zloczow, Galicia,
February 25, 1884, died in New York in 1958. A Yiddish writer,
dramatist, and actor, he came to this country after World War I and
was active here in the Yiddish theater. He served as one of the edi­
tors of the Yiddish theater encyclopedia. He also wrote in Yiddish
about his experiences as an officer in the Austrian army during
World War I.
ir s k y
70th birthday. Born in Novogrodek, Poland, May 14,
1914. In Palestine since 1935, he has specialized in the study of
medieval Hebrew poetry and the Piyutim, the religious poetry that
became part of the traditional prayer book. In addition to several
original studies, he has edited numerous texts. He also has pub­
lished a volume of his own poetry.
o ses
o n t e f io r e
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Livorno,
Italy, October 24, 1784, died in Ramsgate, England, in 1885. Mov­
ing early to England, he became a successful businessman, who used
wealth and influence to help his coreligionists, wherever the occa­
sion arose. His intervention on behalfof the persecuted Jews during
the Damascus Affair of 1840 and his attempts to alleviate the lot of
the RussianJews as well as his many benefactions made him popular
throughout theJewish world. Of particular significance was his help