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to the Jews inJerusalem, where he encouraged settlement outside
the walls. An important source of his life and times are his
published in 1890.
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i s t e r
pseud, of Pinchas Kahanovich. 100th anniversary of birt
Born in Berdichev, Ukraine, November 1, 1884, died in a Sovi
prison hospital in 1950. A novelist and essayist in Yiddish, he trie
throughout his writings to present the duality of the huma
personality, the good and the base impulses always struggling wit
each other. When in the 1920’s he eventually returned fro
Germany to the Soviet Union, where he hoped for a greater apprec
ation of his work, he felt tremendously constrained by the “Sociali
realism” demanded of Soviet writers. His most important book, a
autobiographical novel, was also translated into French.
Benjamin F ra n k l in P e i x o t to . 150th anniversary o f birth. Born i
New York, November 13, 1834, died there in 1890. A prominen
Jewish community leader who eventually became president o f B ’n
B ’rith, he is best remembered for having attempted to improve th
condition o f the Rumanian Jews by having himself appointed Ame
ican consul to Bucharest by President Grant. While he met wit
indifferent success, he helped improve the morale o f the Jewis
community there. In later years he edited
The Menorah,
the fir
magazine of B ’nai B ’rith, and one of the major national Jewish per
odicals of that time.
it z h a k
a p h a e l
70th birthday. Born in Sasov, Galicia, July 4, 191
Active in the Mizrachi in Poland and later in Palestine, where he em
grated as a young man, he eventually became a prominent leader i
the Poale Mizrachi Party and a member of the Israel governmen
He has written widely in the field of religious Zionism and the hi
tory of Hasidim. He also has edited biographical compilations i
both these areas.
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S. R
e g g io
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Gorizia, Ital
August 19, 1784, died there in 1855. One of the founders of moder
Jewish scholarship, he pleaded for a rational interpretation ofJud
ism. He prepared Italian translations of several biblical book
edited early Hebrew texts, and also wrote books for Jewish religio
instruction, one of which was translated into English under the titl
A Guidefor the Religious Instruction ofJewish Youth
(1855). He also co
tributed to all the major Jewish scholarly periodicals at the time an
was one of the founders of the modern rabbinical seminary i
a t h a n
o t e n s t r e i c h
70th birthday. Born in Sambor, Poland, Marc
13, 1914. In Palestine since 1932, he has been professor of philos
phy at the Hebrew University for many years, writing both
Hebrew and English on Jewish and general philosophy. In Englis