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there appeared
Between Past and Present
(1958, 1973),
Experience and
Systematization; Studies in Kant
(1965, 1972), and
Jewish Philosophy in
Modern Times
(1968). He also wrote studies on Marx and Hegel and
was strongly influenced by the work of Edmund Husserl.
a ron
d e
o t h s c h il d
50th anniversary of death. Born in
Paris in 1845, died there November 2, 1934. A great Jewish
philanthropist, who although an assimilationist supported the early
Jewish colonies in Palestine beginning in the 1880’s and thus assured
their survival. He eventually came closer to the Zionist movement,
Finally becoming honorary president of the Jewish Agency. His
divergent views on Zionism and the nature of the Jewish settlement
in Palestine caused a good deal of vigorous discussion within the
Zionist camp during the early days of his participation in this ven­
a m u e l
a l a n t
75th anniversary of death. Born in Bialystok, Poland,
in 1816, died inJerusalem August 16, 1909. He settled inJerusalem
in 1841 and soon became the leader and chief rabbi of the Ashkenazi
community. In addition to his scholarly work he made a great contri­
bution toJerusalem life, trying to bridge the differences between the
Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities. He likewise took a moderate
attitude toward the Haskalah and the Zionist settlement unlike
many more orthodox rabbis. His writings are preserved mainly in
the responsa collections of others.
o t t h o l d
a lo m o n
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Sonderslaben,
Germany, November 1, 1784, died in Hamburg in 1862. For many
years he served as rabbi of the Hamburg Temple, the major Reform
congregation in Germany in the early period. An eloquent
preacher, he had several volumes of his sermons published. One
Twelve Sermons
(1839), was translated into English. He
also was involved in the controversy regarding the Reform prayer
book of his congregation, which he defended vigorously. He also
was the author of several apologetic works, refuting anti-Semitic
ev i
c h a r f s t e in
100th anniversary of birth. Born in the Ukraine,
March 11, 1884, died in New York in 1972. An educator in Galicia,
he came to this country in 1914 and soon became affiliated with the
Jewish Theological Seminary, where he taught at the Teachers Insti­
tute for many years. He prepared a great many Hebrew textbooks
and also wrote about the history of Jewish education and several
autobiographical volumes. He wrote a series of Hebrew-English
dictionaries, the last
,New Comprehensive ShiloPocketDictionary
He also took an active part in Hebrewjournalism in this country and
edited a Hebrew educational journal.