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r a d e
, C
h a im
Rabbis and wives.
Trans, by Harold Rabinowitz and Inna
Hecker Grade. New York, Knopf; dist. by Random House, 1982.
p .
The world in these novellas is pre-World War II Lithuanian shtetl
life. Grade focuses on rabbinical characters, and the religious,
domestic, and social forces which they face.
r e e n e
, G
a e l
Doctor love.
New York, St. Martin’s, 1982. 320
p .
A sex-comedy concerning a doctor whose erotic adventures as a
Jewish prince are centered in Manhattan. He is led to reminisce over
his sexual past following a heart attack, and the sex-farce begins
when he looks up the various women from his past.
r e e n f i e l d
, R
o b e r t
New York, Summit, 1983. 411
p .
Highly acclaimed novel which tells the story of Paulie Bindel, a
Harvard Graduate School dropout who returns home to Brooklyn.
Winner of the 1983 National Jewish Book Award for fiction.
Thisyear inJerusalem.
N ew
G .P .
Putnam’s Sons, 1983.
Three young people dedicate their lives to the struggle for the
establishment of the Jewish State and participate in Haganah activi­
ties. A tale of courage and love.
e r z ig
, J
a k u b
en a
l l e n
h o r e
Roots and wings.
New York,
Shengold, 1982. 152 p.
The lives of some victims of the Holocaust are depicted.
o f fm a n
, R
o y
. Almostfamily.
New York, Dial, 1983. 248 p.
The story of the relationship between a Southern Jewish
housewife, her black housekeeper, and their families, from 1946 to
1975. As Southern Jews, the Golds are caught between a white privi­
lege that’s not quite theirs and a sympathy for blacks that is laced
with condescension.
l iv e
Promise theearth.
NewYork, Harper and Row, 1982.402 p.
Dramatization of the political situation in Palestine, 1916-1919.
The major characters are representative of the various Jewish and
non-Jewish groups interacting and clashing.
a u f e l t
, D
a v id
A .
Silver rose.
N ew Y o rk , D e la c o r te ,
1982. 264
Rennie Jablonski returns to Berlin in the late 1930’s to find her
father. She falls in love with a Nazi general, marries, and resigns her­
self to Nazi Germany, until her Jewishness is exposed.
e n e a l l y
, T
h o m a s
Schindler's list.
New York, Simon and Schuster,
1982. 398 p.
Dramatization of the life and exploits of the real Oskar Schindler,
a “righteous gentile”who was responsible for saving some 1300 Jews
during the Holocaust. A heroic, historical story.