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a y n e r
, C
l a i r e
The enduring years.
New York, Delacorte, 1982. 592 p.
A tale of two Jewish families, beginning in lst-century Jerusalem
and ending in present-day London. The usual themes of success,
persecution, and assimilation.
Marienbad: a novel.
T r a n s , by A liza S h e v r in . New
Y o rk ,
Putnam, 1982. 222 p.
Sholom Aleichem, with characteristic wit, describes the antics of
WarsawJews through letters sent among a cast of middle-class, com­
ical characters.
in c l a ir
, C
l i v e
Hearts of gold.
N ew Y o rk , S c h o ck e n ,
1982. 152 p.
A collection of stories, most with Jewish themes which will be
familiar to readers of Roth, Heller, et al. The requisite rude, crude
Jewish humor reigns, but a few of the stories redeem the collection.
T am m u z ,
Requiemfor Na’aman.
Trans, by Mildred Budnyand
Yehuda Safran. New York, New American Library, 1982. 228 p.
A family chronicle which expresses the voice of discontent within
Israel. It offers a compressed history of Israel from the days of early
Jewish settlement through the 1973 war.
a u
, M
a x
Broken wings: one voice for peace.
New York, Fromm
International, 1982. 369 p.
A fictionalized memoir tracing the author’s experience in the
Europe of both world wars and the post-Hitler period. Chronicles
his efforts to create a Library of Peace.
a x
Rivington Street.
N ew Y o rk , M o r r ow ,
1982. 431
A warm, gutsy Lower Ea$t Side saga, with all the stock characters.
The Levy family leaves Russia for America in 1903 after a pogrom.
Landmark events, as well as community occasions, are convincingly
portrayed. Interwoven throughout are battles for union recognition
and women’s rights.
h i t e s o n
, L
e o n
White snake.
New York, Scribners, 1982. 256 p.
In 1973 a Jewish, Rhodesian architect returns home after twenty
disillusioning years of life abroad — and joins a black terrorist
group. Intriguing subject matter: the role of southern Africa’sJews
in the black/white struggle.
a m e s
Saul and Morris, worlds apart.
New York, Holt, Rinehart,
and Winston, 1982. 240 p.
Two American Jews who first meet before the Depression when a
woman promises to marry each of them. During ensuing decades
their destinies are dissimilar, but their paths continue to cross.