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Jewish Juvenile Books
a r o n
, C
h e s t e r
New York, Lippincott, 1982. 181 p. (10-14)
Sentiment and feelings are a luxury Gideon cannot afford if he is
to survive. Smuggler, schemer, and ghetto fighter, Gideon is all the
heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto rolled into one.
b e l l s
, C
h a n a
y e r s
The children we remember.
Rockville, MD, Kar-Ben
Copies, 1983. Unp. (6+)
Abells shows the effect of the Holocaust on children, and memori­
alizes their sweet lives in words, with pictures from Yad Vashem.
Each family and library should own a copy.
d l e r
, D
a v id
A .
A picture book ofHanukkah.
Illus. by Linda Heller. New
York, Holiday, 1982. 32 p. (4-8)
Earth-toned, stylized tableaus recreate the determined struggle of
the Maccabees against the Syrians, and thejoyful rededication of the
Apicture bookofPassover.
NewYork, Holiday, 1982. 32 p. (4-8)
Rhythmic prose and delicately stylized illustrations retell the story
of Passover. Includes current ways of celebrating Passover and ele­
ments of the seder.
d o f f
, A
r n o ld
.All the colors of the race.
Illus. byJohn Steptoe. NewYork,
Lothrop, 1982. 56 p. (8-12)
A plea for religious/racial tolerance. A child of a black mother and
white Jewish father reflects on her heritage in poetry; enhanced by
Steptoe’s impressionistic paintings.
e c k e r
, J
o y c e
Bible crafts.
Illus. by Joyce Becker. New York, Holiday,
1982. 120 p. (10+)
Seventy-five projects arranged around thirteen Bible stories help
make the Bible come alive. Clear instructions and diagrams. Inex­
pensive and recycled materials.
o g o t
, H
o w a rd
I. and
a n ie l
B . S
ym e
I ’m growing.
Illus. by Janet
Compere. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
1982. Unp. (4-8)
About responsibility: Jewish and otherwise.