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e l t z e r
, M
i l t o n
The Jewish Americans: 1650-1950.
New Yor
Crowell, 1982. 192 p. (11 + )
A 300-year history of Jewish Americans told with original doc
ments and memoirs. Each section is introduced by Meltzer’s perce
tive remarks. Excellent.
i l l e r
, D
e b o r a h
c h i l l
Only nine chairs: a tall talefor Passover.
Illu s .
K a r e n O s t r o v e . R ockv ille , MD , K a r -B e n C o p ie s ,
U n p .
D esc r ib es w h a t h a p p e n e d w h en e ig h te e n sh ow ed u p f o r a s e d
w h e r e th e r e w e re on ly n in e ch a i r s . R h ym in g h u m o r a n d inven tive
silly il lu s t ra t io n s . T o p n o t ch !
Poppy seeds, too. A twisted tale for Shabbat.
Illus. by Kare
Ostrove. Rockville, MD, Kar-Ben Copies, 1982. Unp. (4-8)
What happens to the challah in the hands of an assortment of ba
ers who all want to add their own ingredients. Visual puns aboun
Rhymed text.
in d e l
, N
is s a n
The storyteller.
Vol. I. New York, Merkos L’Inyon
Chinuch, 1982. 288 p. (10-14)
Compilation of forty-one stories from a Hasidic perspective de
ing with: festivals, wonderworkers,
life in Russia, and t
Complete story of Tishrei.
New York, Merkos L’Inyone
Chinuch, 1982. 240 p. (11+)
Treasury of stories, allegories, Torah readings, histor
philosophy, writings of the sages and holidays — all in the month
Tishrei. Clear, lively style and index.
ic h o e l
The great mitzvahfair.
Illus. by Muchnik. Text
Chana Colish. New York, Merkos, 1982. (4-8)
A vehicle for the author’s whimsical mini-illustrations. Jewi
symbols form the fair’s attractions. Poor text. Novel horizontal f
mat with spiral binding suitable for displaying artwork.
e u s n e r
, J
a c o b
Chappaqua, New York, Rossell Books, 198
110 p. Paper. (12+)
A definition of the true meaning of
as commandme
written for the bar/bat mitzvah by a leading interpreter of t
Talmud. Simply written for young people.
on a
Trans, by Ralph Manheim. New Yor
Doubleday, 1983. 119 p. (12 + )
Thrust into a world where a child’s test of belonging is to enter t
concentration camp’s house of the dead, five-year-old Jona tries
make sense out of his new life. The author maintains the chil
point of view throughout. Unforgettable.
a t t e r s o n
, C
h a r l e s
Anti-Semitism; the road to the Holocaust and beyo
New York, Walker, 1982. 150 p. (12 + )
A simple, well-reasoned chronological account of anti-Semitis