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Jewish Book Publishers. No research, even o f limited scope, is
known to this writer on Jewish publishing in France.1
As a result, the material for this study had to be pu t toge ther
from a variety o f sources. French bibliographies could be used
only fo r very general topics. Book reviews in the Jewish press
were consulted as a good clue to the interests o f the Jewish pub ­
lic.2T h e weekly magazine
carries no regu lar column
on books o f Jewish interest, but the two major monthlies,
Information Juive
have such features. T he latter periodical
devotes a full back page to book reviews. Book reviewers o f Jewish
books are scarce in France:
Information Juive
use the
services o f a single reviewer, Arnold Mandel, whose reviews, o f
course, reflect his tastes and inclinations. Fiction is well covered,
bu t scholarly works in the field o f Jewish history are neglected. A
w riter in his own right, Mandel has for the last fifteen years p re ­
pared the reports on French Jewry for the
American Jewish Year
where the yearly production o f Jewish books in France is
A partial aid is to be found in the
Essai de bibliographie juive
(Essays in Jewish Bibliography), published as a supplement to the
h und red th issue o f
(July 1982), a Jewish teachers period ­
ical. T he emphasis here is on pedagogical publications, whether
French or Israeli. Fiction is not covered, and the o rthodox and
Religious-Zionist publications are over represen ted . No pub ­
lished bibliography o r yearly survey was found to be accurate or
In the absence o f adequate studies and exhaustive
bibliographies, information had to be solicited from critics, book
reviewers, and editors o f series. Four o f the seven who were
1 Except for an interview with Roger Errera “Le renouveau dujudaisme,”Ln/ra
de France,
n° 6, February 1980, pp. 62-65, and for two articles on Jewish series
by Roger Berg: “Les dix paroles,”
Tribune juive,
n° 694, October 1981, pp.
24-25, and “Collections juives,”
n° 740, Sept. 1982, pp. 26-27.
On French Jewish writers, we could refer to a larger selection, including
among others: Simon Schwarzfuchs, “Postwar Jewish Literature in France,”
Jewish Book Annual,
vol. 22, 1964-1965, pp. 20-25; Lothar Kahn, “French-
Jewish Writers, an Overview,”
Jewish Book Annual,
vol. 25, 1967-1968, pp.
60-69; Edouard Roditi, “‘Those Other Jews’ in Fiction,”
Oct. 1982,
pp. 54-57; and Wladimir Rabi, “Litterature juive et ecrivains juifs,”
Nouveaux Cahiers,
1971, pp. 24-31.
2 For an overview, see Charles Berlin, “The Jewish Press in France, A Review of
the Contemporary Scene,”
Jewish Book Annual,
vol. 30, 1972-1973, pp. 53-58.