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essays on the Bible o r the hasidic milieu, and some travel guides to
Israel, all o f which are included in general (non-Jewish) series.
T he name Gallimard is preem inen t in the litera tu re o f France.
A major publisher, among the top ten, the Gallimard publishing
house was founded in 1911 and maintains high standards o f liter­
ary quality. Among the best writers whose works it has published
is Albert Cohen (
1938; and
Belle du Sei­
[Beauty o f the Lord], 1968). Drawing upon his childhood
in Greece and his activity in beha lf o f in ternationa l organization
in Switzerland, Cohen has focused on the Jewish status in the
modern world and Israel’s message to mankind. His superb
French style has been widely acclaimed and the French Academy
awarded him with its G rand Prix for
his Les Valeureux
(The Valor­
ous Men) in 1969. Gallimard has also published talented younger
writers, such as Serge Dovbrovsky and Patrick Mociano; transla­
tions o f American, German , and Russian Jewish authors, such as
Philip Roth, Manes Sperber, and Isaac Babel; and major essays on
French Jewry, such as Shmuel T rigano ’s
Le Recit de la Disparue
(The Story o f the Missing Lady, 1979), and
La Nouvelle Question
(The New Jewish Question, 1979), and Dominique Schnap-
p e r ’s
Juifs et Israelites,
1980). Even esoteric and difficult poets like
Edmond Jabe’s and H enry Meschonnic are published by
Grasset is among the houses tha t specializes in fiction. In
French Jewish
this publisher is be tter known for
issuing the writings o f such “New Philosophers” as Bernard-
H enry Levy and A ndre Glucksmann.
Smaller publishing outfits try to respond to public in terest in
Middle Eastern politics and Israel. Military matters ra th e r than
diplomacy are usually dealt with in the books published by Plon,
Ju lliard or Laffont. These make no effo rt to engage in detailed
political analysis and in dep th study. Beside works on the Israeli-
Arab conflict, Laffont has published several biographies and
memoirs on the Holocaust. A relatively new publisher (founded
in 1941), Laffont is known in the publishing industry fo r its suc­
cessful best sellers, the most known o f which isO
by Lap ierre and Collins.
Israel and the Holocaust are also topics cultivated by Fayard
and Flammarion, bu t new subjects have been added . These
houses have published fiction by such p rom inen t writers in Jew ­
ish community affairs, as Roger Ascot, ed ito r o f