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Arnold Mandel. Flammarion has published several volumes by
the Israel-based French poet, Claude Vigee; translations o f Saul
Bellow’s novels
(The Dean's December,
1982) and essays
erusalem and Back,
1979); and such controversial tracts as Roger
(The Jews), 1965, and Ruth
Bldu's Les Gardiens
de la Cite
(The City Guards), 1978. Flammarion’s publication o f
Abram L. Sachar’s
History of theJews
(1974) was its only offering in
the field o f history. T he book received mixed reviews.
A lthough Seuil has published most o f the novels o f Elie Wiesel
and Andre Schwartzbart, and has translated Bernard Malamud’s
The Fixer
The Tenants,
the bulk o f its publishing on Jewish
matters centers on Israel, the Holocaust, ethics and sociology.
Israel, a controversial topic, is presented in books that o ffer the
contrasting views o f Maxime Rodinson
(Israel ou le refus arabe
[Israel o r the Arab Denial], 1969;
Marxisme et monde musulman
[Marxism and the Moslem World], 1974), and Uri Avnery
sans Sionisme
[Israel without Zionism], 1970). Saul F ried lander’s
Pie XII etle 3 Reich
(Pius XII and the Th ird Reich, 1979) was pub ­
lished here, as was his
Reflets du Nazisme
(Reflections on Nazism,
1982). Andre Neher, one o f the leading thinkers o f the Jewish
community, published several books th rough Seuil, among them
his Exilet la parole
(Exile and the Word, 1971). The respected his­
torian and sociologist Annie Kriegel
(Les Juifs et le monde moderne
[Jews and the Modern World], 1979), and the polemicist Alain
(Le Ju if imaginaire
[The Imaginary Jew], 1980;
L’Avenir d’une negation
[The Future o f a Refutation], 1982) also
had the ir works published by Seuil.
I f a major publishing house does not have a Jewish series, it is
generally an indication o f its lack o f interest in Judaica.
Exceptions, however, are made if the books o f Jewish interest can
be incorporated into o the r areas o f a publishing house’s speciali­
zation. Unable to risk the ir investment on a limited market, most
o f the smaller companies without a Jewish series, publish works
only on Israel o r on Holocaust related topics. O f the smaller
companies, only Seuil tries to offer a broad selection although it
does not sponsor a Juda ica series.
Maintaining a Jewish series increases the selling potential o f a
ublisher. In terested individuals and specialists tu rn first to