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books tha t are readily available on the ir topics o f in terest in a
series. A large audience can be attracted if the book covers o f the
series have a similar design. Thus, a wider sale may be antic­
Not all Juda ica series have been successful. A fter World War II,
a g roup o f French Jewish organizations, with American suppo rt,
(Links). Only fou r titles were published in
paperback, including a survey o f Jewish history by Simon
Schwartzfuchs and a short history o f anti-Semitism by Leon
Poliakov. T h e sponsoring organizations soon disagreed, and the
series failed. In the late 50’s, the Alliance Israelite Universelle
sponsored a Jewish series called
th rough the Presses
Universitaires de France (P.U.F.). T he director, And re
Chouraqui, has edited various translations as well as studies on
biblical scholarship. T h e translation o f Salo W. Baron’s magiste­
The Social and Religious History of the Jews
was issued in five
volumes. However, since 1965,
has not published anything.
P.U.F. still issues the proceedings o f the annua l meetings o f
F rench Speaking Jewish Intellectuals
(Colloque des Intellectuelsjuifs
de languefrangaise)
un d e r the auspices o f the World Jewish Con­
gress. Les Editions de Minuit also had a Jewish series
, Bibliotheque
(Jewish Library). Like
its six titles were published
in pocket size editions. Ano ther series,
had ha lf a dozen
titles, o f which the most recen t was published in 1973. These ven­
tures were discontinued because o f the lack o f community sup ­
Still, a number o f publishing houses have created Juda ica series
in recen t times. Stock published translations o f I.B. S inger’s
works even before he received the Nobel Prize. Sales have
boomed since then for Singer’s novels, despite the French tran s ­
la tor’s lack o f acquaintance with Jewish values. Hebrew writers
are also translated, mostly from the English ra th e r than the origi­
nal. I.J. Singer’s
Brothers Ashkenazi
was recently translated from
English by Marie-Brunette Spire, d augh te r o f the French poet
A nd re Spire. Stock’s main interest is no t in Juda ism o r Israel as
such, bu t in fiction.
About ten books have been published by Jean-C laude Lattes,
founded in 1968, in its series
(Judaic). Fiction plays a
major role, and includes translations from the English o f Israel
Zangwill and the Yiddish o f Itzik Manger. But Lattes has also
published such non-fiction as a book on Algerian Jewry by the