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ann iversary study in Hebrew on Eliezer B en -Y ehuda’s con tr ibu ­
tions to the Hebrew press.
Th is yea r’s article on literary creativity overseas is devo ted to
Australia and fea tu res Serge L ibe rm an ’s survey o f both English
and Yiddish fiction there . Yiddish li te ra tu re is rep re sen ted by
Emanuel S. Go ldsm ith’s review o f American themes in Yiddish
writing and by Elias Schu lm an’s Yiddish article on the p roduc tive
g roup o f writers known as Di Yunge.
O u r field-spann ing surveys include Yaakov Shavit’s survey o f
recen t Zionist lite ra tu re , its trends and tendencies, and Mishael
M. Caspi’s historical overview o f Yemenite creativity. Guides to
recen t publications in the fields o f con tem po ra ry Jewish p ro b ­
lems and Jewish law are o ffered by Menahem Kaufman and
Salamon Faber respectively. T h e close bonds between a r t and lit­
e ra tu re a re h igh ligh ted in Ziva Amishai-Maisel’s illustra ted study
o f th e re la tionsh ips between Jak o b S te in h a rd t an d Hayyim
Nahm an Bialik.
In the field o f book publishing Amnon Zipin presen ts an
upd a te on the expand ing Juda ica publication activities o f Am eri­
can university presses. Th is yea r’s article in o u r ongo ing library
series is justly devoted to the sp lend id new library facility o f the
Jewish Theological Seminary o f America, which is described by
Menahem Schmelzer. In this connection , we a re happy to note
the publication o f the first issue o f
Jewish Librarianship,
the new
sem i-annual publication o f the Association o f Jewish L ibrarians,
which attests to the increasing professionalization o f the field.
In add ition to T h eo d o re W iene r’s informative listing o f Jewish
literary anniversaries tha t may be m arked d u r in g 1985, the
presents two anniversary articles: Jo n a th an D. S a rn a ’s eva lu­
ation o f Mordecai M. N oah ’s literary activity, on the occasion o f
the bicentennial o f his b irth , and Yechiel Szein tuch’s app rec ia ­
tio n o f th e H e b rew -Y id d ish p o e t a n d d r am a t i s t Y itzh ak
Katzenelson, on the cen tenary o f his b irth .
O u r section o f bibliographies o f new books again reflects the
yea r’s literary o u tp u t in America, England and Israel. T h e list­
ings o f English, Hebrew and Yiddish books cover broadly the p e ­
riod between April 15, 1983 and April 15, 1984.
T h e re p o r t o f the activities o f the JWB Jewish Book Council by
Ruth S. Frank bespeaks a reach ing ou t into several new areas o f
endeavor. C h ie f am ong these a re the augm en ted 1984 National