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Jewish Book Awards, which have been listed and described by
T h e passing o f Mordecai M. Kaplan was deeply m ou rned by all
those concerned with Jewish though t and religious life. For an
appreciation o f his seminal role o u r readers a re re fe r red to
Melvin Scult’s “A T r ib u te to Mordecai Kaplan at 100,” which ap ­
pea red in vol. 38. We shall sorely miss Hyman B. Bass, the Yid­
dish essayist and cu ltura l leader, who was no t only a past presi­
d en t o f the Council bu t also an associate ed ito r o f the
a con tr ibu to r to its pages.
We again express o u r p ro found appreciation to the JWB fo r its
role in sponsoring the activities and publications o f the Council.
We are pleased to acknowledge the su ppo r t o f the Lucius N.
L i t ta u e r F o u n d a t io n an d th e c o n t r ib u t io n s o f th e Jo s e p h
M eyerhoff Fund , the Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation , the
Israel Matz Foundation and the I. Edward Kiev Library Founda ­
tion. T o Rabbis G ilbert K laperman, Ju d a h Nadich and Ely E.
P ilch ik , f o rm e r C ounc il p r e s id e n ts , o u r th a n k s fo r th e i r
con tinu ing aid and encouragemen t.