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Publications on Contemporary
UNPRECEDENTED RATE o f change and a growing in terde­
pendence between communities are two trends that have charac­
terized the Jewish world since the First World War. The Holo­
caust o f European Jewry, the demise o f Jewries founded in antiq­
uity in Asia and Africa, and the establishment of the State o f Is­
rael have wrought far-reaching changes and left a profound im­
print upon the Jewish people’s social structure, its demographic
profile, and its historical and spiritual consciousness. The com­
plex reality of Jewish life in the Diaspora, on the one hand, and
the implications o f sovereign statehood, on the other, pose new
challenges to research which can best be met th rough an
interdisciplinary approach . T he Institu te o f Contemporary
Jewry at the Hebrew University has been addressing this chal­
lenge now for twenty-five years. The Institute, its faculty and re­
search staff, both in Israel and abroad, are at once the products
and the architects o f this approach to contemporary Jewish schol­
Part o f the research sponsored by the Institute has been pub­
lished under its own auspices. The rest has been published for
the Institute by a variety of presses at home and abroad, to facili­
tate access by a wider international readership. The present re­
view brings to the readers’ attention a number o f Institute-
sponsored publications that have appeared since 1980. (Limita­
tions o f space rule out a more comprehensive listing.)
The Institute’s newest project has been the publication o f its
own scholarly journals — two separate and distinct annuals, one
in Hebrew and the second, in English. Each has its own content,
* The list o f books cited in this review was prepared at the author’s request by
Dr. Moshe Goodman.
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