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editorial approach, and — of course — each is geared to a d iffer­
ent set of readers.
The Hebrew annual,
Yahadut Zemanenu
(Contemporary Jewry)
edited by Yisrael Gutman (vol. 1: Jerusalem, 1983), pursues a
wide range o f topics, presented in the form of research mono­
graphs and in essays devoted to contemporary issues. Particular
attention is given to Jewish demography. In addition, there is a
section devoted to reviewing in detail recent books on contempo­
rary Jewish life. A chronicle o f important events in the Jewish
world occurring in the past year and English summaries o f the
Hebrew articles round out the volume.
Studies in ContemporaryJewry,
the English-language annual (vol.
1, edited by Jona than Frankel: Bloomington, 1984), takes a
somewhat different approach, devoting a group of essays to a
single major theme. Volume 1 features a symposium on East Eu­
ropean Jewish immigrants in West and Central Europe from the
turn of the twentieth century until the Second World War. A
number of independent monographs and a list of recently com­
pleted doctorates are included. In this expanded edition, one
hundred and five recent books are reviewed, selected from a
g row ing in te rn a t io n a l o u tp u t o f work in Jew ish history ,
sociology, politics, philosophy and literature.
Timely issues and problems on the current Jewish agenda are
discussed in the series,
Publications of the Study Circle on World
edited by Moshe Davis (Jerusalem). This is a boxed series
of lectures and discussions originally conducted in the Home of
the President of Israel. Thirteen series have been published until
now. The last two (1982/83 and 1983/84) cover: “Expressions of
Jewish National Identity in the Diaspora” (eight lectures) and “Is­
rael’s Place in the Diaspora Today” (nine topics). The latter fo­
cused on such subjects as: Israel’s impact on Anglo-Jewry, Soviet
Jewry and American Jewry, with other discussions devoted to the
attitude to Israel in the various religious movements.
Works dealing with Holocaust research occupy a vital and cen­
tral place in the Institute’s publications. One of the outstanding
research projects in this field is the
Guide to Unpublished Materials
on the Holocaust Period,
edited by Yehuda Bauer. Six volumes have
been published in this series so far. These books provide an accu­