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Jewish Religious and Cultural History, Personalities and Trends,
is due
out in 1984.
Am erican Jew ish M emo irs,
ed i te d by G eo f frey W igod e r
(Jerusalem, 1980), offers representative interviews with Ameri­
can Jewish personalities which shed light on the individuals and
their times. The volume directs attention to the uses o f oral his­
tory in the study o f contemporary Jewry. Oral documentation as­
sumes special importance in those areas only partially covered by
existing documents and historical material (such as the press, a r­
chival collections, personal papers, etc.). It thus offers a chance to
fill a gap in scholarship.
Another jo in t project o f the Institute and the American Jewish
Historical Society is the publication of the “America-Holy Land
Studies.” The first three volumes o f the guide to primary source
material on this subject were published from 1980 to 1983. This
series opens up for scholarly research the relationship between
the United States and the Holy Land from the early nineteenth
century until 1948. Moshe Davis is the general editor o f the series
and the first three volumes were edited by Nathan M. Kaganoff.
Volume I,
American Presence
(New York, 1980), included anno­
tated listings o f archival sources relevant to permanent and occa­
sional American involvement with the Land, as well as to institu­
tional non-Jewish and Jewish-American settlement, pilgrimage
and service. Sources from about fifty archives and repositories in
the USA and Israel are quoted and annotated. Volume II,
cal Relations and American Zionism
(New York, 1983), reveals, inter
alia, hitherto unknown or neglected aspects o f historical endeav­
ors in this area, and casts new light on the political role of particu­
lar individuals. The cumulative record is rep le te with such
instances, involving presidents, diplomats, Christian protago­
nists and antagonists o f Zionism, as well as leading world Jewish
figures. Archival material is listed from about twenty American
repositories and the Central Zionist Archive in Jerusa lem .
Volume I II ,
Economic Relations and Philanthropy
(New York,
1983), contains descriptions o f manuscript and archival collect
dons that relate to these areas o f contact. While it is true that
many o f the American efforts reflect Zionist interest in devel­
oping a viable economy in the Holy Land, the volume includes a
number o f archival sources on an unexpectedly large number of
attempts made by American businessmen to accomplish similar
goals. Gathered here is the product o f research done in twelve