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and those books which were in the Ginzberg-Marx Faculty Li­
brary and in the Manuscript Room remained intact.
Graduate School fo r Jewish Social Work.
The collection o f 5,000
books and pamphlets in the fields o f social science, education,
and psychology and much rare typewritten material, as well as
about 145 bound, typewritten theses and the School’s student re­
cords and correspondence files were completely destroyed. This
collection had been transferred to the Seminary Library in 1940
and became the Seminary’s property in 1950.
Jewish Cultural Reconstruction Collection.
After the Second World
War, the Seminary received about 5,000 books from European
collections whose owners could not be located. Many o f these had
been incorporated into the regular collections and suffered water
damage, but the remaining volumes, mostly duplicates, were de­
Moritz Steinschneider Collection.
With the exception o f his
correspondence, his own works with handwritten notes and his
manuscript collection, the irreplaceable library o f some 5,000
volumes o f the great scholar was completely burned.
Tausner Collection.
Several thousand Hebrew, Yiddish, and
Russian books and pamphlets, published mainly in Russia and
Zemachson Collection.
Manuscripts o f music and scores o f litur­
gical compositions.
Zilberts Collection.
Manuscripts and liturgical manuscripts.
The rest o f the collection suffered considerable water-damage,
and the entire stacks containing approximately 150,000 volumes
had to be evacuated. The books were dispersed into various loca­
tions. After the evacuation, the arduous task o f drying out the
books began. Although some o f the water-damaged books were
beyond repair, the great majority o f them could be restored, re­
bound and returned to use.
As a result o f the fire it was decided to recatalog the entire col­
lection according to the Library o f Congress system, and to aban­
don the old classification scheme based on the system devised by
A. S. Freidus.
Fortunately, the rare book and manuscript collection o f the
Library, which was housed in a different part o f the building, re­