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rium for lectures, which is equipped with projection facilities,
and rooms for binding and photography.
On all the floors there are provisions for display areas o f differ­
ent kinds, enabling the Library to exhibit its holdings in a variety
o f settings.
With the completion o f the new building it became necessary to
strengthen the Library staff. Therefore, the positions o f assistant
librarian, administrative librarian for public services, administra­
tive librarian for technical services, and curator o f graphic mate­
rials were established.
Looking to the future, we hope that the excellent collection o f
materials relating to all aspects o f Jewish studies, now housed in
an attractive, comfortable and modern building, will enable the
Seminary Library to develop and adopt systems o f information
retrieval and bibliographical control through automation. This
would make available to scholars, as well as the general public, all
the accumulated knowledge stored among the pages o f the trea­
sures o f the Library. This endeavor, as well as the equally impor­
tant efforts o f preserving and restoring the precious originals,
will be planned and carried out whenever possible in friendly
cooperation with other major Jewish libraries in this country.
Thus, it is to be hoped that the vast resource o f materials relating
to the Jewish past, accumulated in American institutions, will be­
come a major source o f knowledge and renewal in the life o f gen­
erations to come.