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in New York before returning to Israel to assume a similar position
at the Hebrew University. He has published critical editions o f tal-
mudic tractates, o f Geonic responsa, and o f the poetry o f Samuel
r v i n g
b r a h a m
g u s
75th birthday. Born in Swislocz, Poland, Febru­
ary 22, 1910. In the United States since 1937, he has taught Jewish
history at Yeshiva University. His researches deal with the medieval
period. In
Rabbi Me ir o f Rothenburg
(1947), he treats this important
figure o f German Jewry.
Urban Civilization in Pre-Crusade Europe
(1965) contends that the pattern o f Jewish community life was imi­
tated by the Gentiles in urban centers.
The Heroic Age o f Franco-
German Jewry
(1969) points up the rigorous adherence to tradition
by these medieval Jews, which made up for their small number and
enabled them to perpetuate their heritage.
r y e h
e ib
b e n
s h e r
o f Metz (Gunzberg). 200th anniversary o f
death. Born in Minsk, Russia, in 1695, died in Metz, France, June
23, 1785. Serving as a rabbi in various communities in Eastern
Europe, he was finally called to Metz, where he led his community
until his death. He was the author o f a whole series o f rabbinic
works, commentaries and responsa.
l i e z e r
s h k e n a z i
400th anniversary o f death. Born in the Levant in
1512 or 1513, died in Cracow, Poland, December 13, 1585. Active as
a physician and rabbi in Egypt and Italy, he eventually became rabbi
in Cracow. He wrote commentaries on several biblical books and
responsa. While highly respected as a rabbinic authority by some o f
his contemporaries, such as Joseph Karo, he antagonized the more
conventionally minded rabbis by what seemed to them a departure
from tradition.
a h m a n
v i g a d
80th birthday. Born in Seidenberg, Germany, Sep­
tember 29, 1905.
prominent Israeli archaeologist, he has directed
many excavations, particularly at Bet-She’arim. He was co-editor o f
A Genesis Apocryphon
(1956), one o f the Dead Sea Scrolls. In English
there appeared
Discovering Jerusalem
(1983) about the archaeolog­
ical activities in Jerusalem and the city’s many-layered past.
a l o
W . B
a r o n
90th birthday. Born in Tarnopol, Galicia, May 26,
1895. A graduate of the University o f Vienna and the rabbinical
seminary there, he taught in the United States from the 1920’s on,
first at the Jewish Institute o f Religion and then at Columbia
University, serving as the first professor o f Jewish history at a secu­
lar institution. Active in Jewish scholarly organizations, such as the
American Academy for Jewish Research and the Conference on
Jewish Relations, he has written a large number o f books and articles
on every aspect o f Jewish history. His most monumental effort has
A Social and Religious History o f theJews,
which first appeared in