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pie in Hamburg, he was the co-editor of the controversial
prayerbook for this congregation in 1819. In his writings he de­
fended the Reform movement against its opponents. He also trans­
lated the Apocrypha into Hebrew. The first edition appeared in
1830. A more recent issue came out in Israel in 1965.
i c h a e l
r i e d l a e n d e r
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Jutrosin,
Germany, in 1833, died in London, England, December 6, 1910.
For many years he served as principal o fJews’ College, the seminary
for traditional rabbis in England. A standard work in its day was his
TheJewish Religion
(1891, 1913). His
Jewish Family Bible
(1881, 1953)
proved also very popular. His was also the first English rendition o f
Moses Maimonides’
Guide to the Perplexed
(1881-85, 1953). His
on the Writings o f Abraham lbn Ezra
(1877, 1964) dealt particularly
with the latter’s commentary on Isaiah, which he translated into
h i l i p
r i e d m a n
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Lvov, Poland, in
1901, died in New York, February 7, 1960. A historian specializing
in the history o f Polish Jewry before the Holocaust, and publishing
in German, Polish, and Yiddish, he survived the war and eventually
came to this country to direct the Jewish Teachers Seminary. Here
he edited and co-edited massive bibliographies o f the Holocaust and
Martyrs and Fighters
(1954), an account o f the Warsaw Ghetto
Their Brothers' Keepers
(1957), about Christian rescuers of
the Jews, and the posthumous
Roads to Extinction (
1980), a collection
o f essays dealing with the Holocaust.
a d
r u m k i n
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Jerusalem in 1887,
died there March 10, 1960. The son o f Israel Dov Frumkin, the edi­
tor o f the earliest Hebrew periodicals in Palestine, he became a law­
yer during the Turkish regime and also edited his father’s magazine
for some time. Under the British mandate, he became the Jewish
member o f the Palestine Supreme Court, serving until 1948. He
published an autobiography in Hebrew and also translated part o f
the Turkish code o f laws into Hebrew.
100tji anniversary o f birth. Born in Jerusalem Au ­
gust 26, 1885, died in Ramsgate, England, in 1953. Traveling in
various communities in the Near East and in India, he became inti­
mately acquainted with the various rites used in traditional Jewish
worship. From the 1920’s on he was rabbi o f the Sephardic commu­
nity in Ramsgate and presided over a Yeshiva there. He wrote a
book about the Jews in Cochin, India, and published a series o f
volumes offering a comparative study o f the prayer rites o f the
various Sephardic and Ashkenazic communities.
o r i t z
u e d e m a n n
150th anniversary
o f
birth. Born in Hildesheim,
Germany, February 19, 1835, died in Vienna, Austria, in 1918. For