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150th anniversary o f birth. Born in Kapuli,
Byelorussia, November 20, 1835, died in Odessa in 1917. He is con­
sidered a major figure both in modern Hebrew and Yiddish litera­
ture. He was committed to the Haskalah, the East European version
of Enlightenment, yet had a feeling for Jewish tradition. His stories
reflect the not always flattering realities of Jewish life under the
Czars. He spares neither persecutors nor persecuted. Among his
works in English translation there are
Fishke the Lame
(1960) ,
The Nag
(1955) , and
The Parasite
o n t e f io r e
100th anniversary of death. Born in Livorno,
Italy, in 1784, died in Ramsgate, England, July 27 , 1885. A promi­
nent businessman, he was considered the lay leader o f British Jewry
and interceded on behalf of his persecuted brethren throughout the
world. Although not a Zionist, he made Palestine Jewry a special ob­
ject o f his beneficence. His many visits there are recorded in his and
his wife’s
published posthumously in 1890.
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100th anniversary of birth. Born in Galicia in March
1885, died in Woodstock,
Y., in 1943. Coming to this country as a
teenager, he wrote poetry that was characterized by a biting wit and
aimed to shock his readers. He also edited a popular humorous peri­
odical in Yiddish. For a number of years after his trip to the Soviet
Union in 1926, he favored Communism and wrote for the Commu­
nist daily,
but after the conclusion of the Stalin-Hitler Pact
in 1939, he renounced his views. He also translated works by
Gerhart Hauptmann into Yiddish.
70th birthday. Born in Baltah, Russia, December 15,
1915. In Palestine since 1925, he has written extensively on current
world politics, including biographies o f world leaders in Hebrew. In
English there are
Arthur Koestler
(1948) and
Trotzky and the Jews
(1972) . He also has translated a great many books on current affairs
from European languages into Hebrew.
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200 th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Philadelphia, July 14, 1785, died in New York in 1851. He was the
first widely known American Jew active as journalist, playwright,
and politician. He held various offices under the Federal, state, and
local governments. His Jewish commitment is best exemplified by
his Ararat project near Buffalo, where he wanted to establish a Jew ­
ish state. His
Discourse on the Restoration of the Jews
was published in
1845. Another work of his was
Discourse on the Evidences of the Ameri­
can Indians Being the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel
(1837 ) . He
also edited an English version of the
Sefer Ha-Yashar (Book ofYashar)
an early chronicle of biblical history. This first appeared in 1840 and
was reprinted in 1972.
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75th birthday. Born in Budapest, Hungary, October