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settled in Lexington, Kentucky, as a businessman. It was this new
environment that inspired him to write a Yiddish epic poem about
the trials and triumphs o f the immigrant Jewish peddler in small
town America that has been highly acclaimed. He translated this
work into Hebrew and also translated some of the poetry o f Bialik
and of medieval Hebrew poets into Yiddish.
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75th birthday. Born in Boryslaw, Poland, April 20,
1910. After studies in Vienna and Geneva, he taught at academic
institutions in Geneva, the United States and Israel. In addition to
his analytical economic studies he has devoted a good deal o f his
work to the relationship of Socialism and Communism to the Jewish
problem. Most recently he published a work in German on the atti­
tude of the leading figures of Marxism toward the Jews as well as
that of the principal Communist parties. Another interest has been
Moses Hess, the forerunner o f political Zionism, and Johann
Jacoby, the 19th-century German Jewish radical.
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1 0 0 th a n n iv e r s a ry o f d e a th . B o rn in
Monastyrshchina, Russia, in 1842, died in Meran, Italy, February 1,
1885. A restless spirit led him to wander through Russia in his
youth, bringing him into opposition to both tradition and the con­
ventional Haskalah attitudes. He eventually settled in Vienna,
where he edited a Hebrew journal,
which mercilessly
criticized conditions within the Jewish community and was highly
acclaimed by leading figures. He also wrote novels and stories re­
flecting his views of Jewish life. Toward the end of his career, he
turned to the incipient Zionist movement, under the impact o f the
pogroms in Russia and the growing anti-Semitism in Germany.
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25th anniversary of death. Born in Galicia in 1887, died
in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 27, 1960. After university studies in
Switzerland and rabbinic preparation in Italy, he taught at the Ital­
ian rabbinical seminary in Florence and later headed the Italian rab­
binical seminary in Rhodes. He came to the Hebrew Union College
after the anti-Jewish legislation in Italy took effect in the late 1930 ’s.
His researches dealt with Italian Jewish history, medieval Jewish
philosophy, and rabbinic literature. He also translated one of
Spinoza’s works into Hebrew.
JOSEPH S p r in z a k .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Moscow, February
25 , 1885, died in Jerusalem in 1959. Active in the Zionist movement
throughout his life, he settled in Palestine in 1908 and became a
leader in the Labor Zionist movement, assisting in the immigration
of Jews from Yemen before World War I. He was secretary general
o f the Histadrut and after the establishment o f Israel became the
first speaker o f the Knesset, serving until his death. Collections of