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coming state archivist of Israel in 1949. In her former capacity she
had edited the
Palestine Yearbook and Israeli Annual
(1944 -49 ) and the
important bibliography,
Palestine and Zionism, a Three-Year Cumula­
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in New York Oc­
tober 1, 1885, died there in 1977. A prolific American poet, who
published a great many volumes both o f his own poetry and
anthologies o f poems by others that had won his admiration, he was
quite popular for many years. He was also attached to the poetic
work of Heinrich Heine. In 1937 he published
Heinrich Heine, Para­
dox and Poet.
In 1957 he issued a translation,
The Poems of Heinrich
B e r n h a r d WACHSTEIN.
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Galicia in
1868, died in Vienna, Austria, January 15, 1935. Associated with the
library of the Jewish community in Vienna since 1903, he built this
collection into one of the largest in Europe. His researches dealt
with the history o f the Jews in Central Europe, paying special atten­
tion to the genealogical aspects. He also wrote a work on the Hebrew
journals published in Vienna during the 19th century, when that
city was a center of Hebrew serial publications. In addition, he
edited two catalogs of special collections in his library.
S am u e l W e r s e s .
70th birthday. Born in Vilna, Lithuania, June 22 , 1915.
In Palestine since 1935, he has been associated with the Hebrew
University and has written extensive studies of modern Hebrew lit­
erature. His works include a volume on Hebrew critics and literary
er th e im er
. 50 th anniversary o f death . B o rn near
Bratislava, Slovakia, in 1866 , died in Je ru sa lem , Ju ly 11, 1935 .
B ro u g h t to P a lestine as a child , he co lle c ted m anu sc r ip ts o f
homiletical comm entaries on the Bible, which he pub­
lished. He also edited some o f the responsa o f the Geonim , the spir­
itual leaders o f Babylonian Jew ry a thousand years ago . A no the r in­
terest was the bringing to light unknown works by medieval rabbis.