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a h a t
, D
a n
Carta’s historical atlas ofJerusalem
(an illustrated survey). T r .
by Moshe Auman. Jerusalem, Carta, 1983. 96 p.
The Beirut massacre: the complete Cahan Commission report.
Introd. by Abba
Eban. New York, Karz-Cohl, 1983. 136 p.
e n
- A
m i
it s h a q
Years ofwrath, days ofglory: memoirsfrom thelrgun.
expanded ed. New York, Shengold, 1983. 620 p.
Autobiographical chronicle of events in Palestine, Europe and the
United States.
e n
o v
, M
e i r
; N
a o r
, M
o r d e c h a i
; A
n e r
, Z
e e v
The Western Wall
J e r u s a l e m , M in i s t r y o f D e f e n s e ,
1983. 245 p.
Work includes history, archeology, architecture, religion, travel­
lers’ accounts, folklore, the struggle for the Wall and its liberation,
design of the new piazza, flora and fauna, literature and art, exten­
sive bibliography.
o r o c h o v
, B
e r
Class struggle and theJewish nation; selected essays in Marxist
Ed. by Mitchell Cohen. New Brunswick, Transaction
Books, 1984. 218 p.
Carta’s historical atlas of Israel; a survey of the past & review of the present.
Jerusalem, Carta, 1983. 75 p.
Carta’s official guide to Israel and complete gazetteer to all sites in the Holy Land.
Jerusalem , Israel Ministry of Defense/Carta, 1983. 468 p. pb
a s p i
, D
e t
a l
, e d s .
The roots of Begins success, the 1981 Israeli elections.
N ew
York, St. Martin’s, 1984. 297 p.
h o m s k y
, N
o a m
The fateful triangle: the United States, Israel and the Pales­
Boston, MA, South End Press, 1983. 481 p.
Author states his intention to “bring out certain elements of the
special relationship between the U.S. and Israel. . .” in a manner
critical o f Israel.
a n in
v in o a m
Desert vegetation of Israel and Sinai.
Jerusalem , Cana
Publishing, 1983. 148 p.
Discussion of distribution of plant communities in Israel and Sinai
deserts in relation to environmental conditions.
a b r i e l
, R
ic h a r d
Operation peace fo r Galilee: Israeli-PLO war in
New York, Hillard Wang, 1984. 241 p.
Analysis of Israeli Defense Forces’ successes and failures.
a v r o n
, D
a n i e l
Israel after Begin: Israel’s options in the aftermath of the
Lebanon War.
Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1984. 199 p.
Work deals with some new political and social configurations in
the m id-1980’s.
r e e n
, S
t e p h e n
Taking sides: America’s secret relations with a militant Israel.
New York, William Morrow, 1984 . 3 7 0 p.
r o s e
, P
e t e r
Israel in the mind ofAmerica.
New York, Knopf, 1983. 361 p.
Study o f American attitudes since early colonial times with regard
to ideal o f Jewish renaissance in the Land o f Israel.
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