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kabbalistic Jewish mysticism.
Lanham , MD, University Press o f
America, 1983. 292 p. pb
o h o n
, S
a m u e l
S .
Religious affirmations.
Los Angeles, n.p., 1983. 189 p.
Collection of previously printed essays reflecting author’s theol-
°g y
o l l in s
, J
o h n
J .
Between Athens and Jerusalem: Jewish identity in the Helle­
nistic Diaspora.
New York, Crossroad, 1983. 258 p.
Introduction to the literature of Hellenistic Judaism.
i d e r
, S
h im o n
Sefer hilkhot Tefilin
Halachos ofTefilin.
Lakewood, NJ,
Halacha, 1984. 222 p. pb
T ex t in English, with explanatory remarks in Hebrew.
Eretz Israel Passover Haggadah.
Ed. by Eliav ben-Aharon. New York,
Keter, 1983. unp.
Hebrew and English texts.
e n d e l
, Z
e c h a r i a h
The Halacha and beyond.
New York, Hashkafah,
1983. 352 p.
Insight into fiscal-ethical responsibilities of the Torah-Jew and in-
depth study of “Bitachon” (trusting in God) concept.
e u e r l i c h t
, R
o b e r t a
t r a u s s
The fate of the Jews: a people tom between
Israeli power andJewish ethics.
New York, Times Books, 1983. 324 p.
Attempt to “revive” notion that Jews have a mission to teach ethics,
and not exercise power as a national entity.
o r c h h e im e r
, P
a u l
Our miraculous world.
New York, Author, 1983. 48
p. Paperbound.
Reflections leading to affirmation of the philosophic foundations
of Judaism.
o r m a n
, M
a x
Rxfor living, take as needed.
New York, Bloch, 1983. 293
Inspirational vignettes and anecdotes in three categories: God
and man; man and his fellows; man as a human being.
r i e d m a n
, J
e r o m e
The most ancient testimony: sixteenth-century Christian-
Hebraica in the age of Renaissance nostalgia.
Athens, Ohio, Ohio Uni­
versity Press, 1983. 278 p.
Systematic-functional analysis of Christian-Hebraica (Hebrew,
Rabbinic and Kabbalistic sources for Christian religious purposes)
during first half of the 16th cent.
r e e n b e r g
, B
l u
How to run a traditionalJewish household.
New York, Si­
mon and Schuster, 1983. 525 p.
r e e n b e r g
, M
o s h e
Biblical prose prayer.
Berkeley, CA, University of
California Press, 1983. 66 p.
Biblical prose prayer and its consequences for the flourishing o f
religious expression in ancient Israel.
r e e n s t e i n
, H
o w a r d
an eternal covenant.
Fortress Press, 1983. 160 p. pb