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Comprehensive overview of basic Jewish belief focusing on the o r­
igins and development of the covenant.
a u t
, I
rw in
H .
Divorce in Jewish Law and life.
New York, Sepher-
Hermon, 1983. 146 p. pb
Includes an historical review of the laws, procedure of processing
a writ of divorce and discussion of the Agunah problem.
ir s c h
, S
am son
a p h a e l
The collected writings. Vol. I : theJewish year, part
one Nissan - Av.
New York, Feldheim, 1984. 391 p.
a c o b
, W
a l t e r
American Reform responsa: collected responsa of the Cen­
tral Conference of American Rabbis 1889-1983 .
New York, Central
Conference of American Rabbis, 1983. 561 p.
Material is grouped according to divisions of the Shulhan Arukh.
e iv e n
, H
e l e n e
Checklistfo r a perfect Bar Mitzvah (and Bat Mitzvah).
den City,
N Y ,
Doubleday, 1983. 171 p. pb
o n e s
l o y d
The discovery of Hebrew in Tudor England: a third lan­
N H ,
Manchester University Press, 1983. 331 p.
Exploration whether Hebrew studies were part of 16th-century
English intellectual life.
a p l a n
, A
r y e h
Made in heaven: a Jewish wedding guide.
New York,
Moznaim, 1983. 234 p.
Elucidates laws and customs of the wedding ceremony from the
point of view of impressing reader with their spiritual meaning.
a t e b
, G
e o r g e
Hannah Arendt; politics, conscience, evil.
Totowa, NJ,
Mittlefield Adams, 1983. 284 p.
Systematic study of Arendt’s works summarizing her insights
about cultural and political endeavor in “dark times.”
n o b e l
, P
e t e r
S., ed.
Gates of the seasons: a guide to theJewish year.
York, Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1983. 208 p. pb
o r n
, Y
it z h a k
Jews at the crossroads.
Cranbury, NJ, Cornwall Books,
1983. 205 p.
Elucidates theme that survival of the Jewish people depends
largely upon individuals who are fully committed to Judaism.
e b e a u
, J
am e s
M .
The Jewish dietary laws: sanctify life.
Ed. by Stephen
Garfmkel. New York, United Synagogue of America, Dept, of
Youth Activities, 1983. 179 p. pb
e v i
, L
e o
Torah and science; their interplay in the world scheme.
New York,
Feldheim, 1983. 155 p.
Explores role of science in a world guided by Torah , and role of
Torah in the advancement of science.
e v in e
, E
t a n
Diaspora: exile and theJewish condition.
New York, Jason
Alexander/Scribner’s, 1983. 350 p.
Interdisciplinary spectrum of ideas concerning the condition of
exile of the Jewish people.